Alice and Jenna…

… Enjoying some alone time in the bathroom..

Harley Dean 

What an amazing body…


Todays afternoon pinup #sexy #pinup #vintage 

Mirror, mirror…

Perfect timing 

Pool time

Wanna join?

Hot butt

Oh what a view…

Hubba hubba 


Take a look at buster smith (@bustersmith6):

Todays pinup #sexy #pinup #vintage 

Todays evening pinup 

Hot smoking #sexy #smoking #fetish 

Anastasia Ivleeva

for Maxim Magazine Russia 

Danielle Sellers 

On instagram 

Grim reaper 

If death has to show up I want it to be her 😆

Stefanie Knight sexy in the pool

Way sexy for Vanquish Magazine. 

Happy reds

Country girl

Ohhh I so love it.  Via

Colleen Moore 

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Colleen Moore was an actress who played the part of the Flapper. While Louise Brooks, Clara Bow and Constance Talmadge all lived, to some degree, the life of a Flapper in real life, Colleen merely portrayed this type of woman on screen. Off screen, she was a thoughtful woman who took her career very seriously.

Yet, here she is, bobbed hair, short skirts and all. Films such as “Flaming Youth” and “Synthetic Sin” made her one of the very first cinema Flappers, although the emphasis on sex was more innocent than most others. Another first-rate comedienne, she was the healthy, fun-loving collegiate just sampling the first taste of freedom. Sadly,many of her films are lost today.


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