High blood pressure 😆

No wonder..

Tied up shirt

It never gets old..

Todays pinup Ingrid Steeger


Via Brooke Labrie

Naughty strip 

Enjoy.. just look at them boobs bouncing. Am so happy now 😆

Sexy #selfies 

A little amateur cleavage heaven today… 



Rene Bond

Rene Bond (October 11, 1950 – June 2, 1996) dominated early ’70s Los Angeles porn, appearing in about 300 films and loops. She entered porn in the late 1960s for the usual reason–money. In her own words, “I had some friends who were working in porno, and I needed the money. So they said they’d introduce me to some people, and they did. I got used to the money”. Rene began her career in the low-budget softcore schlock of producer Harry H. Novak, often appearing with her longtime boyfriend Ric Lutze. They would be a regular cinematic pair in both softcore and hardcore films for most of the 1970s. An industry observer described her as “a sinfully sexy and youthful-looking little strumpet whose well-rounded acting skills and vivacious approach to on-screen sexing made her an instant favorite.”

Gotta love the video covers:

[on her success in the adult film industry] There’s something about the way I work, I guess. I’ve studied myself on screen, watched what I do. I don’t think my body is exquisite and I don’t think I’m beautiful. I think I’m very attractive. I think I’m appreciated, but I don’t think I’m exquisite.

Todays pinup #sexy #pinup 

Anita Morris

I so had a crush on her after seeing Ruthless people.. After seeing these photos I know why..

Todays pinup 

Smoking lady in red…

Edwige Fenech

Edwige Fenech, born Edwige Sfenek (born 24 December 1948), is a French-born Italian actress and film producer. She is mostly known as the star of a series of Italian erotic comedy and giallo films released in the 1970s, which turned her into a sex symbol.

Smoking hotties 

Todays pinup #sexy #pinup 

What a glorious shot!

Cleavage heaven

Yua Mikami

Red loving 

Todays reblogs 

Get off my newly polished kitchen sink woman or a line I would not say to Anri Sugihara 😆

Battle Bunny Riven cosplay by MiuMoonlight via Geeklandmag

@MiuMoonlight Cosplay lovely cosplay of League of legends.

A new line of porn I have to check out, thanks to Zoomaa and the post The Feminist Pornographer

I had the pleasure of discovering the erotic empire of Erika Lust recently. It is certainly a pornographic production company, but it is more than that. The approach to the erotica is based with a clear feminist and human rights profile. With an intention is to make the pornography in an educational way to help the viewers better to understand their sexuality – and live more free and natural. Maybe also change the seedy reputation of the porn industry, and show that this can be done with more depth and quality.

And a Sunday without Louise Brooks is not a good Sunday, thanks Summertime.

If u want more please see here from my site and Summertime, we are massive fans of this girl. 

Ana Perduv,  such a gorgeous pinup model. Thanks Pinup fan.

And we are feeling purple over at boyofbow.

Hot lesbian Mortal Kombat cosplay over at AngelARTnet.net

Princess Kitana with Me as Tanya. Two hot girls are cosplaying for  CosplayErotica

FWD: Hold still

Please enjoy vintage Sunday going on at Summertimes place. 

They were good and naughty back then.. 😆

Todays pinup #sexy #pinup 

Feeling the flower power here..

Carrie lachance

Lovely Carrie lachance ready to battle Jason it looks like.. 

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