Todays pinup 

Bye bye weekend 

I missed this one from Grumpy Old fart last weekend but it still works 😆

Sword lady 

Creative art by Jose Del Nido


And here I’m just happy to get out of bed unhurt 😆

Love is…

… someone to hold onto..

Bike ride

Who is your woman crush via Vinnieh 

So over at Vinnieh, he is trying to figure out your Who is your woman crush and my reply was Sigourney Weaver and Christina Ricci.  Two awesome actresses and both kick ass ladies.

So here comes a good mix of the two lovely girls.

Even bald Sigourney Weaver is hot and the shot from Galaxy Quest, well that one just brings out a big bunch of tissues 😊

And for Christina Ricci, maybe not the drop dead gorgeous movie star but she has just… something…

Coffee time

FWD: Keeping cool

Via Summertimes awesome blog


Ohhh I’m so ready for a game…

Todays pinup 

Curvy love

Quite sure I’ve had her here before but well worth to have her here again. 

Sexy maids

Prayer helmet 

I’m getting the expensive one for sure.. 😆 

Todays pinup 

Todays evening pinup 

… and what better for the night than an goth girl. 

Sexy archer art

Spiderman *lol*

Great spiderman gags.


Summer love


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