Good morning #selfie 

Wish I would look this good in the mornings..

Todays pinup #sexy #pinup 

Let’s go with elegance today.. It’s always sexy.. 

Good night..

My Saturday selfie from my local pubs toilet.. 😆

And just so that u get a lovely girl although she was most definitely not in my pub but she definitely has that Saturday  feeling 😆


Honestly I love ANIME but sometimes you just gotta go WTF dudes..

I was actually searching for Asia Argento for my previous post but got loads of anime included in the search and well… 

Oh yes, that’s a perfectly normal nurse outfit.. 

Oki Kinda normal maid, was expecting bigger boobs…

Ohhh here are the massive tits..

Yes because in jail, you get matching bikinis. 😆

Oh come on you, that ain’t normal…

Uff, let’s get dancing then..

No no no.. oki anime overload here.

Oh yeah this is perfectly normal… 😆

Aww fuck it, let’s enjoy somemore dancing.

Asia Argento 

“Directing is the most rewarding because it holds everything – music, photography, acting, fashion. You get to dream one dream with the people you work with.” – Asia Argento

Daughter of the amazing director Dario Argento,  I first saw her in the movie The phantom of the Opera,  great flick. Awesome woman both actor wise and directing.. 

And PS, did I mention she doesn’t give a fuck 😆

Sexy #selfies 

Holy smoking great mother of selfie.

Todays pinup 

Colleen Celeste Camp (born June 7, 1953) is an American character actress, comedian, and producer. After appearing in several bit parts, she had a lead role in the comedy The Swinging Cheerleaders (1974), followed by roles in two installments of the Police Academy series. Camp appeared in supporting parts in Apocalypse Now (1979) and The Seduction (1982), after which she played Yvette the Maid in the 1985 comedy Clue.

Camp has continued to have minor and supporting roles in various independent and studio films, including Election (1999), Factory Girl (2006), Palo Alto (2013), and American Hustle (2013).

Peep show Paris 

Isn’t just a great poster!

Susan Denberg 

Susan Denberg (born Dietlinde Zechner on 2 August in Bad Polzin, Germany) is a German-Austrian model and actress. 

She made an Playboy appearence in August 1966 and was outstanding in hammer horror movie “Frankenstein Created Woman” not to metion an episode in Star Trek.

Goth love

We all need a little bit of goth loving.. 

School time

If anyone knows the models name, please let me know. She is drop dead gorgeous. 

Todays pinup Valerie Leon

Valerie Leon (born 12 November 1943) is an English actress who had roles in a number of high-profile British film productions, including the Carry On series.

Swedish people splitting the bill 

Ohh am so enjoying myself but feel so sorry for the poor waitresses who got a group of 10 swedish people. I’m sitting with a big ass grin when the bill comes to their table.

When it comes to the Swedes, we pay everything according to the bill but damn, we will put out our calculator to make sure we are all paying correctly and yes I saw 10 people studying that bill like a national budget. And then making sure everyone is paying their share. Damn u if u say you didn’t have that red wine. We will find out who had that red wine.. 😆

High blood pressure 😆

No wonder..

Tied up shirt

It never gets old..

Todays pinup Ingrid Steeger


Via Brooke Labrie

Naughty strip 

Enjoy.. just look at them boobs bouncing. Am so happy now 😆

Sexy #selfies 

A little amateur cleavage heaven today… 



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