Todays pinup #sexy #pinup 

Jordan Carver showing off her tennis skills 

Wanna play? 

Tennis attire 

Not sure this is proper attire but I would watch more tennis games if so 😆😆

Tennis girls 

An iconic photo and if not totally incorrect I think it is the most purchased poster ever.

Todays pinup #sexy #pinup 


Anyone has any handkerchief 😆

The UK Brexit negotiation team #lol #monthypython

‘Nuff said 😆

Via John Cleese

Todays afternoon pinup 

Ashlyn Coco

Todays pinup 

Yoon Seseon 

Art by Yoon Seseon

Todays evening pinup 

Miss Victory Violet

Todays pinup #sexy #pinup 

Hubba hubba.. 

Todays pinup #sexy #pinup 

Today’s reblogs 

So lets start with Niki Skyler — Blossoming Beauty via

And from one blossoming beauty to a another tossing beauty Tossing and Turning over at Cara Thereon.

And in the meantime Summertime is baking away.

… Another beauty from Summertime Xia Mei Jiang

Let’s enjoy some tiny bikini from

And after all this let’s take a break.

Todays whipping pinup 

Todays pinup #sexy #pinup 

I would pull over and try to help even though I know nothing about cars.. 😆


Hubba hubba..

Todays pinup #sexy #pinup 

What I need on my chair.. 

On my patio

… well I wish… on my to do list get a patio 😆

Yummy bondage 


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