Sexy red

Chicks and Chuckles June 1955

Bunny on the cover of Chicks and Chuckles June 1955

Holy cleavage

Alright, hand me tissues, I’m drooling too much..

Screw the recipe


Sexy Smokers

Yummy smoking photos.

Todays pinup Ingrid Pitt

She is just so gorgeous..

Instructions paeh..

This is truly me.. After 5 hours i might check because nothing is working or looking like it should 😆

Thank you

… OH. .


Sexy selfies

Come to papa 🙂


Shake it..

Man turns into scotsman

Honestly I was laughing like a mad man, I’ve seen all Monthy Python but totally forgot this sketch. Close enough to be a Brexit parody 🙂

Good days 😆

Todays pinup

Carrie Radison

Todays pinup


Via krtart

Irina Meier

Irina Meier


Happy runner


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