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Todays pinup


Sexy shiny shots – some latex loving

I do love the art of latex and the awesome curves they bring out in the girls… so enjoy people.

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Todays pinup


Love the curves on this girl.

Bella Skyy – Some blonde loving

Yummy, yummy… Bella Skyy is one sexy girl. or watch her twitter

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Sophia Loren on next fridays Jonathan Ross show

Gorgeous Sophia Loren

Check out my newest Sophia Loren post….

Just found out that next guest on ‘Friday night with Jonathan Ross’ is lovely Sophia Loren, am such a huge fan of her, she is a true hollywood star and still sexy as hell. Gotta love a girl with proper curves and she is proud of it as well, excellent.

To see some more pictures of her and quotes, check out this blog:
Advice: NSFW Sophia Loren schooling on true sexy glamour edition « The Thought Experiment.

aaaahhh... sweetness.

Glamour embodied

Gorgeous eyes – great photos


Jade Corinne,

and while stumbling I found these gorgeous eyes as well,


xxPoisonxx – sexy redhead gothic girl

xxPoisonxx is a 21 years old model from Philadelphia.
Check out her myspace website here.

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Ms mars – sexy cosplay girl

[tweetmeme source="erotixx" only_single=false]

4a3aea5360dc0Found this lovely girl when going through some cosplay costumes sites, just stunning girl.

Check out her website:

In her own words:
Hello everyone! My name is Joanie and I live in Orlando Florida. I’m currently going to school; majoring in Marine Biology. So the whole modeling thing is just a fun hobby of mine. I really enjoy working with other creative people. I make costumes and clothes. So for anyone that would like to get pictures of someone in costume or something geeky and or unusual (but fun), I’m your gal.


Jessica Rabbit, lovely one.

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Todays pinup


Todays pinup


So sorry, been away for a couple of days now… so missed a couple of todays pinups… 😦

Sexy re-touching photos of beautiful girls /HDR/

Say thank you to One-stop photoshop studio for his interesting re-touching.

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By the poolside – sexy b/w nude


Sexy pose, like the black and white photos…

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Todays pinup


Gorgeous pinup picture…

Sexy picdump with gorgeous girls #003

Just a quick post with some gorgeous pictures. Click on them for bigger size.

Sexy Girls_145 Sexy Girls_101  Sexy Girls_114Sexy Girls_103 Sexy Girls_104 Sexy Girls_105 Sexy Girls_106 Sexy Girls_107 Sexy Girls_108 Sexy Girls_109 Sexy Girls_110 Sexy Girls_111 Sexy Girls_112 Sexy Girls_113   Sexy Girls_116   Sexy Girls_119Sexy Girls_118 Sexy Girls_117Sexy Girls_120 Sexy Girls_121 Sexy Girls_122 Sexy Girls_123   Sexy Girls_126 Sexy Girls_125Sexy Girls_124Sexy Girls_127 Sexy Girls_128 Sexy Girls_130Sexy Girls_131Sexy Girls_129   Sexy Girls_132 Sexy Girls_134Sexy Girls_136Sexy Girls_137Sexy Girls_133     Sexy Girls_138 Sexy Girls_139  Sexy Girls_141  Sexy Girls_143 Sexy Girls_144

Todays pinup


How to train your dragon – new 3D movie trailer

This looks like it could be an awesome 3D movie….

Sexy picdump with gorgeous girls #002

Just a quick post with some gorgeous pictures. Click on them for bigger size.

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Todays pinup


Miss Zee – sexy chinese model

21 years old model from Shanghai, Miss Zee… amazing pictures and talk about legs to die for.
Check out her myspace site:

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Weird, sexy, nude pictures, gotta love it :)

Jeffery Scott 1019

This guy has some really weird but oh so great pictures in his portfolio, the first one just blew me away when I found it, his version of Queen of Hearts in Alice of Wonderland. You just gotta love it… but then I found his other photos and I was in love. 🙂

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