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An excellent post from H2oshy’s blog about Bondage/Domination/Sadomasochism.  Check it out.

BDSM is any of a number of related patterns of human sexual behavior. The major subgroupings are described in the abbreviation “BDSM” itself:

* Bondage & discipline (B&D)

* Domination & submission (D&S)

* Sadism and masochism (or sadomasochism) (S&M)

via BSDM « H2oshy’s Blog.

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  1. He grabbed her shoulders in a punishing grip and hauled her back onto his cock. It filled in the cracks that had formed when she exploded, when shed fallen apart. The bowl and spoon remained, but the girl and infant were nowhere to be seen. Didnt matter that only Lanthan was touching her. She waited until her breathing felt right again. He grinned when she turned to extend a hand to help him up. Since the wrestling match, shed managed to keep herself busy and mostly isolated. She grinned at Eyrhaen, smoothing a hand over the white patterns etched in Hyles chest. They had helped to raise her. Clearing her throat, she stepped back and turned to face Nialdlye again. Yes, Brevin agreed, thumbing aside a tear that slid down her cheek. Ive taken enough for tonight. Gritting her teeth, she glared up at Lanthan, who was watching her with obvious amusement. Brevin licked the point of Tykirs ear. She closed her eyes and groaned, luxuriating under his weight. Lanthan kissed the back of her shoulder then his cock eased free. She was no stranger to compliments, nor protestations of devotion. Three men at once, all the time, is exhausting! I fell in love with you when I was only a shadow in the darkness. No more magic than whats natural?

  2. A world full of sensations to discover, at least for me. It gives me some fear that I like this environment so much.

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