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Iron Man 2 – Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow poster

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Black and white

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Todays pinup by Bob Patterson

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and once again, sorry Bob Patterson aka Karate Kid, it’s not your photo although I know you would love to be The Bob Patterson 🙂

Classic Icons: Grace Kelly

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My first and favourite old-time classic icon is Grace Kelly. I love her!

Grace Patricia Kelly ( 12 November 1929 – 14 September 1982) was an American film and stage actress and fashion icon who later became Princess Grace of Monaco.

Kelly became an actress in the 1950s, starring in such films as Rear Window, To Catch a Thief, High Society, and The Country Girl, for which she won the Academy Award for Best Actress. She retired from acting in 1956, at age 26, when she became “Her Serene Highness The Princess of Monaco” upon marrying Rainier III, Prince of Monaco.

Kelly died after being critically injured in a car accident with her daughter Stephanie in September 1982. The American Film Institute ranked her #13 amongst the Greatest Female Stars of All Time.

kelly_grace2GraceKelly2 grace-kelly-life-cover

Grace Kelly14grace-kelly2gracekellyoscar56

Todays pinup

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Love the True Blood ad…

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260310true Not a big fan of True blood but I do enjoy their advertisements. Just brilliant.

And have to add the nude picture from the tv-series of Anna Paquin.

She is truly hot, have to watch X-men again to see her as Rogue.




Clue up at The Pinup Project….

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Clue 1:japanese_women Every day will reveal a new clue….

Click here to jump to The Pinup project site….

Todays pinup by Bob Patterson


(c) Bob Patterson

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In the rain


Excellent photo…

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Todays pinup by Bob Patterson


(c) Bob Patterson

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Smoking fetish treat from a Terry Pratchett book

927b493c81986bdc3003864d4adebdf7 To Moist’s astonishment Adora Belle Goodheart took a packet of cigarettes out of the desk drawer and lit one. She mistook his expression, and proffered the pack.
‘No thanks,’ he said, waving it away. Apart from the occasional old lady with a pipe, he’d never seen a woman smoke before. It was … strangely attractive, especially since, as it turned out, she smoked a cigarette as if she had a grudge against it, sucking the smoke down and blowing it out almost immediately.

From Terry Pratchetts book ‘Going Postal’

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The way to use a laptop *NSFW*


Click on the picture for wallpaper sized copy (800×533)

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A little mix of corsets and latex

384330598 tumblr_kzuatgDI9P1qa1kido1_1280tumblr_kzgzkkP1F21qa1kido1_1280 tumblr_kyqttad8Gi1qa1kido1_1280

Ok this last one is a little bit too freaky even for me but was just amazed first by the great photo shoot and also how tiny her waist is in that white corset. Bloody hell.

Click on the smaller pictures for bigger size.

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Todays pinup by Celeste Giuliano


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1969 vs 2009


via 7tattoo

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The pornstar vs Sandra Bullock

Bullock has been dogged by tabloid reports since internet rumours surfaced that Bullock’s husband of five years split after tattoo model Michelle "Bombshell" McGee claimed she had an affair with James while Bullock was making her Oscar-winning film "The Blind Side."

Stupid stupid man, don’t know, Michelle probably has more of a wild side than Sandra but I must admit I would choose Sandra any day even though I so love girls with tattoos.

Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee


Vs Sandra Bullock

p (1)p (3)

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Off duty Storm Troopers


via Obvious Winner

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Steampunk makers lineup announced for this Saturday’s White Mischief night in London

I am so going to this… love steampunk fashion and getting some modded USB steampunk sticks is a must.

Thanks to the help of Boing Boing readers and numerous steampunk enthusiasts, White Mischief has collected over a dozen of the UK’s finest steampunk makers and artisans for its “Great Exhibition” party this Saturday.Alongside the stage variety acts and the various encounters with live bands, DJs and neo-Victorian characters, there will also be stalls selling steampunk drawings, magazines, costumes and even crafts such as modded USB sticks.

Steampunk makers lineup announced for this Saturday’s White Mischief night in London – Boing Boing.

Check out my steampunk page if you wanna see more fun stuff

Kelly Hu

You may recognize Kelly Hu from her role as Lady Deathstrike from the movie X2: X-Men United.  Hu also won the role of The Sorceress opposite Dwayne Johnson in the movie The Scorpion King.  She is the voice of Sha Shan Nguyen in The Spectacular Spider-Man animated series as well.

She has been announced for this years Austin Wizard World Comicon.

Kelly Hu_03Kelly Hu_11Kelly Hu_12Kelly Hu_04   Kelly Hu_13 Kelly Hu_16 Kelly Hu_27Kelly Hu_17  Kelly Hu_28 Kelly Hu_29 Kelly Hu_30 

and yes, click on the smaller ones to see the big picture…

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Tara Shakti time… *nsfw*

Say hello to Tara everyone, she is just so gorgeous… and same as always, click on the pictures for bigger size.

Check out her website for more info:

4aba0cbc0269d4ae25f0560d874af051839d0934ade31f356605    4b3dc92de3ef9 4b28c1e1b0cf3 46eba6b9668e9

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