The Weiner Circle

this is actually so bloody disturbing in so many ways…  I actually thought brilliant first but then I realised how stupid we are we do get some drinks in us and sure as hell I wouldn’t wanna behind that counter when that starts… it really infuriate me when I heard some of the things that was said….

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  1. You’re right, the racist remarks of some of the customers aren’t funny, just offensive.

    Aside from that, the put downs from the staff towards the customers, should probably be seen as an innocent gimmick of the business. Something to attract clientele. Preferably the kind that can take a joke and doesn’t feel insulted too fast.

  2. Wow. I don’t know where to begin. When I was a kid, polite and respectful discourse was what set the civilized apart from the savages. The use of harsh language was a clear signal that bad things were likely to follow, and warned others to either disperse or take action to prevent the carnage. The fact that people can feel comfortable with this as the “normal” thing unnerves me to no end. It’s a big part of why I don’t want anything to do with such people, though they seem to outnumber me a hundred to one.

    • same here, it really got me uncomfortable this video… at 1st I just thought, yeah thats a laugh but then realised how awful the idea really is… yikes…

  3. I can see your point, guys. Depends on the habits of your subculture again, I suppose.

    For me it depends on the circumstances, the context, and the purpose of the people using the harsh language. I don’t have anything against swearing or harsh words or even insults as such. Certainly not when they’re just harmless expressions, or meant as a joke.

    You can joke around among friends to a great extent, as long as you respect certain personal boundaries. And as long as you mean well. And don’t really mean what you’re saying.

    Only when used in anger, or purposely used to hurt or put down people, does it become disturbing, or annoying, or repulsive to me. Or when used to win a debate, instead of using rational arguments. In such matters insults are harmful, childish and counterproductive.

    Good-hearted insult matches can be very humorous as well. And brutal language can be so shocking that it becomes funny again. Like black humor, it can sometimes lighten up a taboo in a most unsuspected way.

    • Back in the day, those “insult matches” were called “playing the dozens” (:???:). Fro the most part, they were fun and everyone agreed that it wasn’t to be taken seriously. I also agree with what you said about humor. There are many, MANY, we need to grow beyond, and black humor has been very useful in opening our eyes in the past.

      But I’ve also watched large parts of the urban populations I’ve lived in degenerate into a culture that revolves almost exclusively around the idea of being “hard,” leaving those who behave civilly to be treated as “soft.” The predator versus prey atmosphere caused by this leaves everyone feeling unsafe.

    • Sorry about the typos. I was trying to get that out while cooking my dinner. 😳

    • as a friendly banter, yes and the guys behind the counter was probably to all extent quite good-natured but it’s when the people who just had way too much to drink and it’s just pure foul language coming out when it goes bad.

  4. The video is disturbing but not surprising. I think what’s more disturbing is how the owners are encouraging the behavior of the patrons which makes you wonder how they really feel.

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