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Todays pinup – Smoking beauty


Love this shot to bits.

The Happy Planet Index

This is actually really interesting talk about why we measure a nations success on productivity — instead of by the happiness and well-being of its people. He introduces the Happy Planet Index, which tracks national well-being against resource use.  I was suprised that the latin countries did the best on this… Apparently Costa Rica is kicking ass.

Wakeup call

lovely asian girls

This is how I wanna wake up everyday but hasn’t happened so far, maybe I have to move to Japan where I suppose this happen every day 🙂

If The Dinosaurs Had Twitter…

If The Dinosaurs Had Twitter… |

Pushed to the limit


Todays pinup – Dancing girls


Send some love to Angi87 for these pictures.

Beyonce love

Had kinda missed this commercial but it’s hot alright. Almost made me wanna buy that perfume from Beyonce… She is just so damn sexy, it should be illegal.



beyonce_knowles_16 beyonce_wallpaper49_800x600 beyonce_wallpapers_13 Beyonce-Knowles07_beyonce_10

Lady Gaga and Stalin as Mona Lisa and Mario


So love the one of Stalin as Mario, pure genius whoever did these ones.

Flashing girl

flashing girl

A great way to inspire more people to take the train, if the Train companies would put this in an ad, I would so travel more.

Old Camel commercial More doctors smoke camels…

1949 TV commercial from Camel cigarettes. I actually had a doctor who smoked more than two packs a day and was trying to get me to stop smoking while standing outside his clinic. Was quite a surreal conversation puffing away discussing how to stop smoking 🙂

Smoking hotties from Summertime

Lovely new edition from Grumpy Old Farts smoking hotties from the 20’s.

new-image4 new-image5

See more here…

and his second edition within a few minutes, even more smoking hotties…


See more here…

Todays pinup


Send some love to Angi87 for these pictures. More coming…

Rincewind’s sleep-over (via Grumpy old fart!!!)

Bless Summertime for sorting out a sleep-over for me. My spongebob Squarepants Pjs have been washed so I will look my best… 🙂

Despite sending out many invitations to attend Rincewind’s sleep-over the number attending was disappointing. However no sleep-over would be complete without the presents of Miss Rosaleen, who with a little persuasion, which is plain to see reluctantly agreed. Rosaleen Young Rincewind’s passion … Read More

via Grumpy old fart!!!

Feeling a little bit loony?


Ok, last post before trying to sleep, it’s my favourite photographer again, Alvarado and this is how I feel after not sleeping for 2 days (but hopefully tonite will be the night).

and more of this model…

Ulorin_2_by_hihosteverino Ulorin_3_by_hihosteverino

Cool X-ray photos

NickVeaseyXrayphotographs7 British photographer Nick Veasey uses X-rays to reveal the inner workings and structure of objects. He takes his X-ray photographs in a shed with a door of lead and steel, and thick concrete walls. While most people use high-powered X-ray machines to look for disease, Veasey uses them to look for beauty.

This is just so cool picture, check out more here.


NickVeaseyXrayphotographs1 NickVeaseyXrayphotographs11

Bastard insomnia

what a bed of roses I have me 2nd day of not sleeping and getting into the third one now, happens from time to time but it’s damn annoying, my body tells me to sleep but 1hr later you’re still laying there looking at the ceiling wide awake and wondering when that sandman dude is gonna come along, maybe he got stuck with a  big backlog but still… Worst insomnia I’ve ever had was 4 days, worst week of my life. My mind was really messed up then, remember trying to order a lunch and was just standing there thinking about why my fingers was different size when that poor waitress just wanted me to order. Your mind is a fucked up thing sometimes…

So decided now to read more about insomnia, found quite a lot but the worst part I found was this:

A survey of 1.1 million residents in the United States conducted by the American Cancer Society found that those who reported sleeping about 7 hours per night had the lowest rates of mortality, whereas those who slept for fewer than 6 hours or more than 8 hours had higher mortality rates. Getting 8.5 or more hours of sleep per night increased the mortality rate by 15%. Severe insomnia – sleeping less than 3.5 hours in women and 4.5 hours in men – also led to a 15% increase in mortality

I sleep about 5 hours a night, that’s enough for me, more than 6 hours and I get really grumpy. But now, sleeping less than 6 hours (higher mortality rate) and include smoking into that as well, I’m soooooo doomed Ok, gonna continue with my standup marathon of Eddie Murphy, Robin Williams, Martin Lawrence, Billy Crystal and more…

Btw, I have tried all my tricks, even watched The Big Blue, which I love, so I know every sentence of the movie and usually that works, I mean watching a new movie sucks because then I wanna know what’s gonna happen so I stay awake to see the ending. I even tried the most boring radioshow in London and no luck. aaarrgghh…

Ok, think I will…. zzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZ………..

Todays pinup


Had to have two Todays pinups for today when I found this one. It’s for Summertime, I think this one is in his style.

Todays pinup – Tough love


Awesome photoshoot from Angi87.

Cute girl


Sexiness for me is so much about the smile and joy of a person and this girl has it.

Smoking 1920′s style (via Grumpy old fart!!!)

new-imagehhSummertime has done it again, among his treasures of sexy ladies he found a lot of smoking pictures from the 1920’s. I just can’t express how amazing these shots are. See them all here.

new-imagec  new-imagev1 Read More

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