Jupiter became king of the planets by devouring a "Super Earth"

340x Ok, I know this is geeky but I do love astronomy and the new science but do read this article, quite fascinating. You think that planets are nice round things and then you find out that they are eating as well, damn.

Jupiter became the solar system’s biggest planet by consuming its chief rival, a massive rocky planet ten times bigger than Earth. New discoveries suggest Jupiter and Saturn learned a lesson from their mythological namesakes, "eating" any planet that opposed them. Read more at Io9…

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  1. Oh you! What’s with the sending me off to places I can’t get enough of? You know I’m as big a space-head as I am a horn-dog! 🙄

    Good one my friend. 😀

    • yeah I know yr passion for outer space, love ya for it but I do so enjoy these new tidbits which in 10 years time will be proven wrong of course 😀

      • Ah, but that’s the beauty of science – and of those who think like a scientist: They love it when new information provides the opportunity to correct their mistakes. Unlike the folks who manage, somehow, to be our leaders despite be complete fuck-ups!

  2. That is so interesting. I never knew that. I love learning about the solar system and all the wonderful things it consists of. I’m just a geek at heart.

  3. Thank you for this – an awesome article!

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