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Summer innocence


I love the subtle lightning of this photo and of course a gorgeous girl is never wrong is it…

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Words of wisdom and hope (via Gruffguano’s Weblog)

This is just such a great video, not a religious person in such but if more people would be like this. Wow.

Even what is sometimes referred to as the mother of all conflicts isn’t polarized into two camps.  Not all religious fundamentalists are political fanatics with uniform extreme ideologies.  There are people on all sides who’d rather just live together in harmony. Read More

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Coffee lady


I do love my coffee and I could live with finding this in my coffee jar next time, note to self, get a bigger jar.

Todays pinup


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The milky way

the milky way

Beatles Marlboro Cigarette Commercial

Beatles George Harrison and John Lennon mess around and proceed to advertise their cigarettes in the tv style of the 60s

Todays pinup


Damn once again, I think you might remember these two from some previous posts, they are just deliciously sweet. Via Alvarado.

And if you wanna check them out from my last posts, they are under my pinups for July page.

Old Salem Cigarette commercial

Think I will start a new tradition and show some of the old TV commercials for cigarettes, there are so many and since I got most of them on my bookmark page I thought I share them with you all. It’s quite a fascinating look of  how we looked at cigarettes back then.

These Salem ciggies even comes with "Softened with fresh air."

Retro babe in sheer lingerie (via Sheer Sluts)

Oh my, this is such a great photo.

Retro porn babe in sheer lingerie

via Sheer Sluts

Robot love


This is just such a cool picture, of Yasutaro Mitsui with his own steel humanoid, early ’30s.

Train love

trainstation peep

So many fantasies can be incorporated into this picture…

Jackson vs Metallica mashup

Another brilliant mashup mix of the great Michael J and Janet Jackson in tune with Metallica.

Robyn vs AC/DC Mashup

Brilliant mashup from DJ Schmolli of two great songs
Robyns Dancing on my own and AC/DCs You Shook me all night long. Click on the links for the originals.

Sexy girl


Gorgeous model, sexy as hell but I don’t know who this is, anyone? Please….if you got her phone number as well that would be quite great

Todays pinup

Jessica_D_Model_by_hihosteverino Whohaa, this is such a great photo once again by Alvarado.

Holy spanking

karma police

I think you might wanna be on the good side of this girl.

Forgot the link to her site, click here.


Perdition_II_by_la_esmeralda Perdition_by_la_esmeralda

Let’s see now:
Redhead                 Check
Latex                      Check
Corset                     Check
Gorgeous girl         Check

Yepp, that about does it for a great photo. Check out more of this girl here.

Cee-Lo’s “Fuck You”

Thanks to Colt Monday, I found my new favourite song, it’s just pure excellence. There is a 50 cent version as well on the link above. And you probably know this guy better as a part of Gnarls Barkley (damn they are good at making catchy songs, had that Crazy song on repeat for a week).

Update: Had to change for the 50 cent version since they have removed the embedding on the original one.


Todays pinup Want a sweet


Sweetness overkill for sure…

Todays pinup


Why isn’t my washer machine equipped with this extra?

Via Alvarado

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