Film star Tony Curtis dies at 85

Oh man, loved this man and his movies. Will celebrate his life with a look at Some like it hot tonite.

Oscar-nominated actor Tony Curtis has died at his US home at the age of 85, according to ABC News.

The Hollywood star, who starred in Some Like it Hot opposite Marilyn Monroe, passed away peacefully in bed, a family spokesman said.

The star received an Oscar nod in 1959 for The Defiant Ones, in which he starred with Sidney Poitier.

His great number of film roles often revealed the sunny side of his personality, and Tony Curtis regarded his stardom as a way to “get great tables at restaurants, beautiful cars to drive and the love of lots of people”

BBC News – Film star Tony Curtis dies at 85.

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  1. Wow – this is the news I woke up to a few minutes ago… quite a shock. I always liked Tony, although he had a ton of personal demons that likely kept him from reaching his full potential. I think in his later years, he was truly trying to make amends for things, and was in the process of somewhat repairing his relationship with his daughters, particularly Jamie. Sadly, Janet died a few years ago while both were still extremely bitter towards one another.

    I had heard a couple months ago that Tony had collapsed while doing a book signing at a Costco store in Henderson, NV (which is not too far from where I live, ironically) but I had no idea he had still been in the hospital.

    He was a fine actor, but I still say Jack Lemmon made a much better-looking woman… 😉

    • I know, I really liked him both as an actor and as a person, he seemed like a genuine guy who enjoyed himself immensely. Read his autobiography half a year ago and yes, personal demons galore but don’t we all have them. Jack Lemmon, ah well, he was not the most prettiest drag act I’ve ever seen 🙂

  2. I loved Curtis in everything I saw him in, including his very disturbing role as The Boston Strangler. Since I don’t follow the personal lives of public figures, I can’t say much about him as a person. But if that was him shining through all those characters, then he must have been a great guy. 😀

    Oddly enough, I agree with Roxy in thinking that Jack Lemmon made a much better-looking woman, though I’m not sure why exactly… 😆

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