Asia Argento (Horror month)

asia-argento-20050812-61821From birth, it was practically guaranteed that Asia Argento would grow up to be someone interesting. She was born into an Italian horror movie dynasty, for a start. Her father, Dario Argento, has made some of the blackest and bloodiest movies of the genre – slasher flicks like Suspiria, Profondo Rosso, and Tenebre. Her mother, Daria Nicolodi, an actress, met a gruesome end in many of them. The only things her father would read to her at bedtime were his movie scripts, and as a treat on her sixth birthday, little Asia was allowed to watch Poltergeist. Growing up Argento was clearly a barrel of laughs. “My father did horror movies and my mother was always being killed in these movies – but my childhood was not as extreme as you would think,” says the 30-year-old Asia. “I had a certain detachment from it, and a lot of pride. I thought it was really cool.”

She started her acting career when she was only nine years old. Since then she’s been in over fifteen movies, she has won two ‘DAVID DI DONATELLO’ (the italian oscar), two ‘CIACK’, an italian ‘GOLDEN GLOBE’ when she was only twelve, and a ‘GROLLA D’ORO’. She acted in French and in English.

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The above movie was just so aweome, love George A Romero to bits…

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