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Todays pinup

drew barrymore

Drew Barrymore 1995: David LaChapelle for Premier

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Todays pinup


via Alvarado

Evgenia Von Tess – Smoking girl

evgenia_001_by_evgeniavontess-d395ofh evgenia_002_by_evgeniavontess-d395ohb evgenia_006_by_evgeniavontess-d395pnc evgenia_007_by_evgeniavontess-d39nmr1 evgenia_104_by_evgeniavontess-d39jf4m

from Evgenia Von Tess

4 sexy black and white photos

sexy chained girl I so love black and white photography, so here are 4 lovelies (well ok the last one is part colour and B&W but I like it… sue me for false advertisement will ya 🙂 )

 undressing veiled girl moist sexy nude

Titty tuesday by Coco and Jessica Rabbit as Princess Leia

coco_titty_tuesday princess-rabbit-full

Above is what you’re missing if you don’t                 And a great cosplay of Jessica Rabbit
follow Coco on twitter :)                                                 dressed up as Princess Leia

@Cocos World                                                                   from artist Dimitris Samaras

Peek-A-boo by Ophelias Overdose


another lovely photo from Miss Overdose

Princess of Persia


via Gesell

Redhead pose

lovely redhead

Sexy black girl in bikini

sexy bikini girl

Todays pinup


by Twiggette

Just some fun pics and a cool Sword fighting sequence


This is really cool video, Swordfighting With Shadows

Taichi Saotome fights against a shadowy spectre in this well-choreographed fight that’s part combat, and part FX wizardry.

Todays pinup


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Todays pinup Playboy style


via Wish0211

Sexy drawings from Wakkawa

if_you_were_mine_by_wakkawa-d39jmdx the_good_ones_by_wakkawa-d39m86c

I so love great drawings of girls and this artist has some in abundance, check it out at his/her site Wakkawa. Can also be found on twitter @wakkawa

Todays pinup


via Alvarado

The secretary look


by Ankooru

Adrianne Palicki the new Wonder Woman

adrianne_palicki_wonder_womanNBC has found its Wonder Woman and what a woman they got… wow…

Friday Night Lights star Adrianne Palicki has landed the coveted lead role in the broadcaster’s reboot of the classic 1970s series.

Wonder Woman is being remade by Boston Legal writer David E. Kelley, who has incorporated the superhero’s signature lasso, cuffs, and plane in the script.

This will be so awesome, I truly hope they will make it justice.

adrianne-palicki1   adrianne-palicki2 adrianne-palicki-2 Adrianne-adrianne-palicki-3217589-600-424Adrianne-Palicki-1920X1200-34200adrianne-palicki-7  adrianne-palicki-topless-06 legion_adrianne_palicki_character_poster

and of course this gives me an excuse to put in a little of Lynda Carter as well

Lynda-Carter lynda-carter-as-wonder-woman

Hot Jade in latex

hot japanese latex girl

Aria Giovanni


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Todays pinup Sci-fi style

sexy space girl

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