I present Sarah Troester – feature pinup photographer of the month

I found this vintage photographer on deviantart and went gaga (no, didn’t dress up as her but you know what I mean…) over her stuff and just realised I had to get these ones shown around. But what to do with so much artwork, ah well, only one thing to do, have a feature pinup for her alone every day. And thank god, she was even nice enough to give me permission to do it, phew…  😀 So beside my Todays pinup, you get an extra dose of german pinup/vintage art every day, can’t get any better than that. Well, maybe winning the lottery then… anyhoo, here goes:

Sarah Tröster biography:

She is born in Stuttgart, Germany where as a child she enjoyed being in the darkroom watching the images appearing from her fathers photos (who is also an photographer). Sarah is of course an art scholar and started with photography as an hobby in her late teens (about 17-18 years old).

Went to Dublin in 2002 to study photography (Note: and drink Irish Bitter, naeh, don’t know about that but sounds like something one should do if you are trying to study 🙂 ) for one year and then returning to the motherland to work for a German fashion/ad photographer for half a year doing postproduction in Photoshop (Note: I couldn’t live without my photoshop).

After 3 years of training in graphic designs Sarah also started doing photo-shoots of her own (bands, friends etc.). In 2008 she started work as photographer at Bad Cannstatt in Stuttgart and also doing some of her own photos in the vintage style we all love.

After being introduced to Mademoiselle Raspberry Rose (Note: more of her on the featured pinups to come…) by their mothers (Note: thanks mums, we owe you…) at the portrait studios, she concentrated more on the vintage pinup style photos.

After Mme Raspberry Rose (Note: so want to change my name to that… lol…) left for California in 2009, Sarah started to concentrate on a vintage self-portrait-series, which is compared to the other pin-up images more arty. (Note: this is what she thinks, but I think it’s art both of them if they are done right.)

She  still works at the studio but her goal is to do more of her own stuff to which I at least say, thank god for that 🙂

I hope you will enjoy this month of great photos from her but of course go to her own website to check out the photos before I post them if you don’t want to wait.

Click here for her website.

About Rincewind

Love my vintage pinups, burlesque, smoking fetish and weirdness. Swedish person lived in Sweden, London and now Prague. Love moving around, metting new people. Open your mind for new experiences.

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  1. Plume coquine

    I love her work too! I discovered her on Flickr and I’m a big fan since then!

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