20’s goddess Louise Brooks

ok, now I can’t get away with withholding this vixen anymore. This is maybe not for everyone but I’m ok with that because I’m so totally in love with her so she is mine, just mine…. 😀 Ok, so she’s dead now and probably would have been to old for me anyway but damn almighty if only I would have been born in the ’20s. We would be talking some serious stalking then… 😉

If you click on the pictures you will be re-directed to Grumpy Old Fart posts who has some great pictures of this girl… Thanks mate.

louise brooks1Mary Louise Brooks (November 14, 1906 – August 8, 1985), generally known by her stage name Louise Brooks, was an American dancer, model, showgirl and silent film actress, noted for popularizing the bobbed haircut. Brooks is best known for her three feature roles including two G. W. Pabst films: in Pandora’s Box (1929), Diary of a Lost Girl(1929), and Prix de Beauté(Miss Europe) (1930). She starred in 17 silent films and, late in life, authored a memoir, Lulu in Hollywood.

louise brooks2louise brooks3

great video mix with some semi-erotic stuff there…

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Love my vintage pinups, burlesque, smoking fetish and weirdness. Swedish person lived in Sweden, London and now Prague. Love moving around, metting new people. Open your mind for new experiences.

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  1. I agree she is perhaps one of THE beauties of her era, she had beauty and style, as for being a stalker, I prefer the earlier term of “Stage door Jonnies” it has a better ring

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