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My May ‘Todays pinup’ collection

All of my photoblogs for May months ‘Todays pinup’.

Click here for my May page for this months modern/vintage/retro pinups and the bigger pictures.

shazmin hussein by sugar creative photography SONY DSC                     candy  latino pinup sexy on the floor

and many more here….

Todays pinup

miss missy

via Miss Missy

Cosplay for a cause

I will so buy this calendar.. 


Check out Cosplay for a Cause Facebook page or To see some of the sample images from all the cosplayers involved in the calendar! These are just teaser images and the final images featured in the calendar will be different!

If you like what you see Order the calendar at
100% of the proceeds going to the Japanese Red Cross.
Shirow is known for da boobs.

via Riddle1

Harley Quinn

She is my favourite among all favourites of sexy batman villains so hope you also enjoy some Harley Quinn.

cosplay_mask_harley_quinn_by_alyssa_ravenwood-d2uplc5 harley_quinn_cosplay  SONY DSC tumblr_ldj6ckTvgD1qzm7qno1_500 tumblr_lcjvbqmlGa1qepom3o1_500tumblr_lf8xjppTec1qepom3o1_500 tumblr_lfssg8rekR1qepom3o1_500

and if you want more, click here…

Remember… by I want icewater

A nice thoughtful three parter blog posts from I want icewater.

Remember – The Big Picture

post1This is part one of my Memorial Day series, all of which are aimed at providing a little perspective for our memories. This first post is meant to help us recognize just where we are in the grand scheme of things.

Remember – What We Have

post2 This, the second post in my Memorial Day series, is meant to remind us of just how precious our little corner of the universe really is. This beautiful video comes by way of the Metousiosis blog and Daniel López on Vimeo:

Remember – The Good Times

post3 This, the third post in my Memorial Day series, is meant to remind us of the good times we’ve had, and look forward to having again. And whenever I think of the good times, this is the song that comes to mind.

The maids of Summertime

My dear Summertime has been busy taking pictures of his Asian maids today, enjoy….

Click on the links or the photos to see more…

Maid of all duties


and 9 more sexy photos…

Maid’s duties

and 3 more hot photos…

Tea is served


via Grumpy Old Fart

Video-ography: "Day in the Life of Bob" (via Striking Thoughts)



Martial Arts News is closed due to the Memorial Day Weekend.  In it’s place I give you a video that’s generating a lot of buzz. Incidentally, I really do own the same pair of chuks! -BCP … Read More

via Striking Thoughts

Sexy Smokers XX

Well, am up to number 20 of the sexy smokers posts and still have more to show.

If you want to find the other posts, click here.

designated smoking area0c90096c59cef3ed8b2c46d124229c02-d3cyrg9  coffee_and_cigarettes_II_by_jewangielina  drag_by_shulepova-d3d1fas Arc_by_Flex_FlexExhale_by_RedrumCollaboration fumee_by_meleena-d37rbn5 half_iii_by_pur3poison-d2z1rdx irakra_by_aprelka-d3b7n7n i_am_free_of_all_prejudices_by_ciocolatadincerneala-d2xuyapjade_by_matmoon-d3atk3r he_shot_me_down_by_sezerkari-d31fdbvKralyalya_24_by_aprelkaJust_Smokin___by_Scherbiussmoker

Todays pinup Candy


Hot girl with glasses in a sexy pose

via Not nude but still hot

My mind went blank due to this photo so no title :)

hot girl via Eyes On The Prize

Lovely vintage pool party

Well, have to ask again, if anyone know who this girl is, let me know. She is quite delicious…

sexy blonde by the pool

Relaxing pose

Let’s relax, it’s sunday….

sexy girl

Sexy gym talk

sexy girl locker

This is so much better than the sweaty people I have to see in my gym locker.

Todays pinup

latino pinup

Keep It Simple Saturday (via The She Chronicles)

 happiness chartRead More

via The She Chronicles

Sexy girl in matching stockings

stockings love

Comedian Milton Jones

Got myself tickets for my flatmates birthday to Milton Jones, for those of you who don’t know who Milton Jones is, he is an English stand-up comedian, a real master of weird one-liners. Am so looking forward to this, Hammersmith Apollo theatre here I come…

Torch me

sexy torch

3 smoking hot girls

Some lovingly smoking fetish pictures to enjoy…

Privat_Affair_II_by_darkview orange_dots_by_lolita_art-d3exjvb

and everyone loves Lucy right…


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