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Sexy Heidi Van Horne and Sabina Kelley

heide van horne and sabina kelley

via Bangin’ Betties

Good vs Evil in latex

dom in latex blonde in latex

You can decide yourself which one you think is bad and which one is good 😀

Superb pinup concept from Vilma Costa

great pinup concept

A Vilma Costa Photography Production (Concept, Photo & Post-Production)

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Todays pinup Brittany


via Alvarado

Sean Youngs behind-the-scenes Polaroids from the Blade Runner set

Blade Runner is one of my favourite movies and anything that pops up on the web about it, I have to read. So this one from Blastr got my attention straight away since I so fancied Sean Young, well still do…

Oh, sure, now that everybody has a cellphone that can snap photos, behind-the-scenes movie pics have become so plentiful they’ve almost beome a bit boring. But that wasn’t the case back when Blade Runner was being made, which is what makes Sean Young’s set pics so awesome.

Young, who had the starring role opposite Harrison Ford (and who can be seen with him as well as Rutger Hauer below), brought along her Polaroid to the set and captured some of the magic.

Check out a few of our favorites below, and go see more amazing pics over at Sean Young’s personal site.

via Blastr

SeanYoung0527111 SeanYoung0527112

In the pink by Nylon Dreams

If you want more (and yes you really do…), check out Nylon Dreams blog.

tumblr_ljo85jD5zF1qzcowyo1_500 tumblr_lk5u46JftT1qzcowyo1_500 tumblr_llhdrmiXSK1qzpjbfo1_500

Rosario Dawson as a dominatrix??

Rosario Dawson has done some really sexy photo shots but not sure if this one is real or not though. But it is a damn good and will do enough for me to have pleasant dreams tonite 😀

rosario dawson

I just wanna be touched

You just gotta love that suggestive flirtation here don’t ya…

i just wanna be touched 

via Ashley Sugarface

One red hot Penthouse girl

one sexy red penthouse girl

One In A Million

There’s just something about this girl…

via The Depiction of Erotic Behavior

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Todays pinup

marilyn kotz

Model: Marilyn Kotz

Photographer Tatiana Marx

Todays pinup

bettie page lookalike

A lovely Betty Page look a like pinup.

Naked Yoga

Sophia Santi in Naked Yoga [trailer] by CafeGlow

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Todays pinup Masuimi Max

masuimi max


The always sexy Masuimi Max.

Happy 500k! Erotixx is….


Ok, this is going to be a glorified ego-trip so bare with me, last year 01st of march I was so thrilled at getting a 100k visits from when I started in the end of October 2009. Was quite happy when 200k mark came as well and then I forgot about it until last month when I looked and realised that I was coming close to half a million visits to my blog. Bloody hellfire, how on earth did that happen… Thanks everyone for coming around to check out the lovely girls and pinups.

And a special thanks to the blogging community out there, especially Izaakmak, Summertime and Vera Roberts who pretty much been around and commented since I started… And a special thanks to Bob Pattersonwho so nicely asked me where I was when I hadn’t posted for a couple of months, had pretty much stopped posting but that felt so good to have been missed so I started again and loving it now. Now I can’t imagining not posting…

So on to some mildly fascinating stats: 😀

My first post: Burlesque… mmmm…

The top 10 list of posts (most clicked):

1. The Pinup Collection
2. Sexy stuff
3. Jenna Jameson pictures
4. Sexy nude pictures by Igor Amelkovich
5. New york : Model Susan Coffey
6. The Classic pinup collection
7. Pinups of October ’09
8. Dominic Marco sexy pinup art
9. 80 sexy asian bikini girls
10. The modern pinup collection

My most clicked pictures all-time, number 1 to 5:


Big thanks to everyone and see you for the
1 million celebration…

and oh yeah forgot to show how happy the girls are for me as well… 😀


Todays pinup

sexy on the floor

Todays pinup


from Sarah Tröster

Corset, high heels, stockings check

bendy girl

A little Dita Von Teese

dita love You can never go wrong with some Dita in the morning.

more Dita?

Sexy black lingerie

and a sexy girl as well of course…

27 26

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