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My June ‘Todays pinup’ collection

All of my photoblogs for June months ‘Todays pinup’.

Click here for my June page for this modern/vintage/retro pinups and the bigger pictures.

crystal sweet corina wolfe by vixenpinupphotography OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA the_black_dress_by_hihosteverino-d3d6gkn devin_by_hihosteverino-d3dh86b nichole kidman bares all

Todays pinup

missvhaven by rome wilkerson photo

oh my, those lovely curvy ladies… Miss V Haven by Rome Wilkerson photography

Todays pinup


by  Vintage Imagery

Harley Quinn cosplay


via Sarah Troester

Classy decadence drawing

decadent 40s

Sexy skirt and matching stockings


I could have come up with a better title one would think but my brain just shut down…

By the road side

Ok, very suitable for work but I just loved the photo and afterwork on this one.


Todays pinup

tina von nekro

Ode to 2011 – very sexy video

Ode 2011 Ver2 NSFW from grayagent on Vimeo.

Just love the bunny girl…

Todays pinup

falling out of the bed

Day 6/7 from @eroticamistress blog

Well, last day of guestblogging at The intoxication of Vera Roberts is over, had fun and I hope she enjoyed it as well.

Day 7:


Amazing black girls: Beyonce Knowles


Amazing black girls: Janet Jackson


Amazing black girls: Whitney Houston


The Sunday goodie bag of ebony  queens And as for this post, well this is the mix and match Sunday goodie bag of some of the photos I didn’t have time to post.

Day 6:


A little pink pinup delight


Sexy Kennita decorating the tree I know, I know… xmas is over but better be early than to late right but couldn’t help myself when I saw this gorgeous tree decorating nymph.




Caught in the corner

Lauryn-Hill-lauryn-hill-60400_593_768and well, Lauryn Hill was gonna be among the last babes but have to keep her for another time. She is just so delicious…

Beautiful smokers *video*

Todays pinup Sexy swimsuit

sexy swimsuit

Sexy Alice in Wonderland

alice in wonderlandAlways good to get a new perspective of Alice in Wonderland…

Sexy Bianca Beauchamp

I so adore the bad teacher in latex kinda look, and once again, where were they during my school classes… Flirt male

bianca beauchamp (2)bianca beauchamp

Blindfolded and tied up

blindfolded girl

Day 5 from @eroticamistress blog

OK might have gone a little overboard with posts today at The intoxication of Vera Roberts but hell, why not, it’s friday (well saturday for me) and what a better way to welcome in the weekend than hot sexy girls… as usual, if you wanna see more and there is usually more on the actual blog posts click on the pictures.


Beautiful model Arekah and 4 other hot photos with her


Sexy Chrissy Jo in pink lingerie


6 sexy ebony girls Well, it’s friday, so let’s enjoy it with these 6 gorgeous ebony queens.


Gorgeous black pinup girl


Shower time

Don’t waste water, shower with a friend. Smile with tongue out


Oily sexy buttocks

I dare anyone not to enjoy this view Flirt male and I do so wish that I would have been there to help out with the lubricating…


Feeling naughty?

This is sexy model Monee Wess in a lovely school girl outfit but just to show she is… Read more.


Two sexy lollipop girls A nice little collage of these gorgeous lollipop girls sharing…








and as a great end of the day, some vintage swimsuit beauties….

Todays pinup

marilee caruso photography

by Marilee Caruso photography

Sexy Miss Mosh showing off some latex

deluxe_by_miss_mosh-d3jt83dHope you haven’t forgot Miss Mosh, if you have, what better way to remember than seeing her in this stunning latex outfit.

Taken during my last Toronto trip for Pandora Deluxe Latex.

Louise Brooks

louise brooksAnd time for some vintage sexiness, I just adore this girl and some people who follow this blog has probably already figured that out so thank god for my friend Summertime who tries his best to make me happy.

Photo from Grumpy Old Fart

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