S&M Extended Sneak Peek

Some promotion for my lovely author friend Vera Roberts who has kicked ass and has released her 3rd erotic book this week. Just bought it myself so will let you know what I think soon, chapter 1-3 is mmmm good so it’s looking promising… So if you want a good read, check it out.


The wait is finally over! As promised, S&M is now available on bothwww.amazon.com and www.smashwords.com at the super-duper cheap price of $0.99 cents! (I wasn’t playing when I said it was cheap).

Thank you

Young couple naked Man and woman sleeping in bed

Even though Mariana expected to get some sleep, she didn’t think she’ll get none. Scott had the sexual appetite of a guy in his twenties and the skills of a seasoned man in his forties. He was insatiable and couldn’t get enough of her. He twisted her body in a variety of positions and sucked on her clit until she climaxed at least three times. It did seem like he wasn’t having sex for just for pleasure but perhaps, some old selfish need of his own. He had to prove something to someone. It didn’t matter to Mariana; she was just fine enjoying the ride.

She was sucking his cock again, swirling her tongue over his shaft and gently kissing the mushroom tip when Scott spoke to her. “Watch yourself suck my cock,” he motioned to the mirror.

Mariana looked over at the side wall-length mirror and watched herself. Scott’s cock moved slowly inside her mouth. There was something intense about watching herself suck off someone. She studied her technique and watch Scott’s reaction at the same time. His hands were behind his head and he occasionally took deep breaths. She gripped his cock at the base and trailed her tongue from the bottom to the tip. He tasted salty and a little sweet. He felt soft, yet rigid in her hands. Mariana could’ve sucked Scott all night long if she could.

Scott had other plans. “Stop,” he instructed her, “stay.”  He got up and went to the infamous drawer.  It occurred to Mariana just then it was the first time Scott went to the drawer since she’s been caught. After what she had seen inside the drawer, she was curious at what Scott was up to. He fiddled with the contents of the drawer for quite some time until he found what he was looking for. He slipped something on his stiff cock and approached the bed again.

“What’s that?” Mariana motioned at the device.

“It’s a vibrating cock ring,” Scott nudged Mariana’s legs back open and nestled himself between her legs. “It’ll play with your clit so I don’t have to.”

Trey Songz may have invented sex, but Mariana was convinced Scott perfected it. It was almost as if he knew how to make her cum and he barely kissed her neck. Her pussy was soaking wet and aching for a release but he was making her wait. “Sounds like you’re cheating.”

“Or being creative,” he smiled. He turned on the cock ring and slid his cock inside Mariana’s wet heat once again. “Look at me,” he instructed. He began moving slowly inside her. He closed his eyes briefly as the tightness of Mariana completely engulfed his cock. He reopened his eyes and found Mariana obedient; she was looking right back at him.

“Fuck me, Scott,” she begged.

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via The Intoxication of Vera Roberts

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  1. Thank you so much for the love, boo! I really appreciate it. I’m still shocked on how well the story is doing. Yikes! People actually like me!

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