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Watching the skies

Gotta love watching the skies… Got payday today and am finally gonna buy me a telescope that I have been glancing at for 1 year now. The 1st telescope I got was at 17 which was a disaster of a telescope for 800 swedish kronor (about £70), could see a fuzzy moon that was about it but I loved it to bits…


Todays pinup

pretty in pink


Thandie Newton as Cleopatra made me search for some more Cleo photos.

thandie newton

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Bathroom girl

Well, I have checked my bathroom from time to time but still haven’t found anything like this there. Disappointed smile

bath time

Sexy lingerie girl

Amazing photo, hot hot hot…

hot lingerie girl

Todays pinup seeing spots

seeing spots

Sexy guys…

…especially for Plume coquine, she was happy that she finally got to see some guys on my smoking pages and yes, I gotta admit that I haven’t really posted any manly pictures on this blog. There are a few reasons though, 1: Well, I’m a guy and as such a manly man as myself (ehrm, yeah right..) don’t tend to search for sexy guys. Sorry, I know there are some mighty fine specimens out there. 2: Girls are more photogenic really in my opinion. Guys are not that sexy on photo to be honest. At least I don’t think so… there are a few exceptions (got one on this post) but the female body is so more attractive. 3: Actually can’t come up with a third reason so think maybe my reasoning is off basis, if any female reader is reading this and want to post some sexy guys, let me know and I’ll add you as an author…

Anyway, back to the French girl, so have no idea what kind of men she likes so had to put up a little cross section of guys here. Hopefully one of these will do for her.

The slightly sophisticated                                                          The Cool and doesn’t
just out-of-school guy?               Sexy black dude?                     give a damn guy?


tumblr_ljyvesUZLZ1qg22hlo1_500tumblr_ljmnorTzCJ1qg22hlo1_500<— Furries?




or maybe she likes the goofballs?  —>


       or skaters boys?                    maybe Hairy dudes called Ivan?

or why not the cowboy look? Howdy ‘mam..tumblr_lqnhgsBnTj1qg22hlo1_1280

tumblr_lp0jwtZOlB1qg22hlo1_500tumblr_ln4he34tkf1qg22hlo1_500<— The sexy six-packed animal lover? And this one I do also want to know what the fuck the photographer was thinking off, why is that dog on his shoulder.  Totally beyond me why…

The Disney wannabe
, I actually like this photo ——————>



tumblr_lq8gudU2gc1qg22hlo1_500The asleep and not annoyingly awake guy? Winking smile probably all girls want this one…



And anyone who can actually look sexy
with this hat deserves all respect,
love this guy. —————>



then we come to the one I would marry if I ever would choose my boyfriend, Johnny Depp. Now this is a sexy guy mainly because he is just so damn cool and intelligent.
Ok he does look damn good as well…


portugalOr if she is really desperate, she can pick the author Nyah-Nyah

For Erotixx’ "Smokers Corner" (via Plume coquine)

You gotta love the French, at least I do now. Thanks to the lovely Plume coquine for finding this photo. Almost fell of my chair.

 emilyRead More

via Plume coquine

Alice in Wonderland

*drool* can’t comment more than that really Smile with tongue out

alice 2alice

Newly opened Smokers Corner

Have finally got my act together and have done some pages for my smoking art.
Have divided them since it’s over 300 pictures. All of these have been posted before on my blog but now they are all on the same page. So click below to see or go to the top menu.


Sexy Smokers XXII

Some fantastic smoking pictures, we got beret wearing smoker, nun smoker, classy smoker for your choices today. Hot smile



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Good morning world.

cup of coffee girlAm enjoying my 4th cup of coffee now since 5am (aahh). Enjoying a day off since for some reason there is a bankholiday in the UK (not really sure why but I don’t mind.). But of course my plan of trying to sleep in was discarded when 5am I just woke upcranky-early-morning and no way of getting back to sleep. So 4 cuppa later there is definitely not a chance of going to sleep Smile with tongue out

<—That is not me.

That’s more like it –>




At least I got a smile when Striking thoughts posted this great video. That’s one kickass cat and I do feel a little bit sorry for the dog, just a little…

and then for just some random thingies found this morning:

sometimes I wake up grouchy Other times I just let him sleep funny marriage relationship sign plaque country primitive style home decortumblr_lo917pGZZT1qf8rjmo1_500


Todays pinup Bernie Dexter

bernie dexter

Redheads, redheads and more redheads

Was a long time now since I celebrated the sexy redheads so here comes a little extravaganza post with just red, red, red and reds…



Am in awe with the middle girl, snow is damn cold… kudos..


Sexy bird?

tumblr_livy205vpN1qd540go1_500Sometimes you just must wonder what they were thinking about when they did this shot, sexy bird analogy or? I just don’t know…

Ted Withers – pinup artist

Have added a new page for the amazing Ted Withers, pinup artist extraordinaire.

Click here to see the gallery.

TedWithers_02In November 1950, at his first Brown & Bigelow cocktail party, Withers was talking with Norman Rockwell when Rolf Armstrong and Gil Elvgren arrived. These two pin-up greats were introduced to Withers, who was bowled over when Armstrong praised him as “one of America’s greatest, most versatile painters” and Elvgren, who had a keen interest in photography, added “one of the best photographers in the country”.

Do remember if you want to see the full menu of all the pinup artists I got, click here or click on the menu bar above.

Rolf Armstrong – pinup artist

Have added a new page with over 70 artworks by this American pinup artist. Click here to see the gallery.

armstrong16Rolf Armstrong (1889 – 1960):

American Weekly, in a 1952 article on calendar girls, called him “The Dean of Calendar Artists,” and he’s considered one of the Fathers of American “Good Girl” art. His first Brown and Bigelow work was, Dream Girl (1919), a copy of his American Weekly cover. His pastels graced advertising, magazine covers, sheet music, and of course, calendars, for over 40 years. An athletic man (he taught boxing and baseball, in addition to art), his earliest art was not pretty girls, but men of action (military, sports, old west). Like Howard C Christy who started depicting heroic men, he switched to the American girl with incredible and long-lived success. His healthy, girl-next door beauties appeared in numerous magazines.



Do remember if you want to see the full menu of all the pinup artists I got, click here or click on the menu bar above.

Robert McGinnis – pinup artist

mcginnis95Have added a new page on my Classic pinup pages for this amazing artist, probably you will recognise his James Bond art the most. Click here for the page.

Robert McGinnis was elected to the Society of illustrators Hall of Fame, joining the likes of Norman Rockwell, N.C. Wyeth, Maxfield Parrish, Winslow Homer, Robert Peak, Frederic Remington and Frank McCarthy. He illustrated many magazine articles and more than 1200 paperback book covers (detective novels, thrillers, gothic novels, murder mysteries, romance novels, Westerns), playing a role in the pulp fiction boom in the ’60s and ’70s.



Do remember if you want to see the full menu of all the pinup artists I got, click here or click on the menu bar above.

Some mixed stuff

A little mix of everything, just click on either the links or the pictures to be teleported away.

The light of Life (animation)


Superb animation from Cool Bermans blog.

Guest blog: The date from Hell

I truly laughed out loud when Ms Abyss came along and posted this guestblog about trying to teach a geeky computer nerd (her words) how to fish.

”I handed him my favorite fly rod. He slowly got the gist of it and at some point stopped listening to me. He waded into the water up to his ankles. I stressed with urgency the danger of the Unicorn’s extremely slippery rocks. Did I mention he stopped listening to me???”

Steampunk Robocop Sculpture


Need to get some space in my room for this one.

Top 50 hottest black pornstars of all time


There are some stunning girls in this countdown, via Complex magazine

10 Sexiest Ads made by total pigs


Sorry girls but there are some great videos here, the number one spot by Goodyear was really bad though but I love the Panam ‘Fly Maggie’ ad. So would have gone on that airline.

… dedicated to Rincewind…


This pinup is so cool with animated effects. Check it out at Cool Berman.

I do love Johnny Depp and ‘Fear and loathing…’ was just spectacular, so seeing that the Rum Diary is coming out is making me weak in my knees.

Todays pinup drawing

hello sailor

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