Last but not least….

As some of you might know I’m off on my holidays. Tomorrow morning I’m leaving London Heathrow to go to lovely Berlin. And just as an aside if you’ve never been there, for god sake get your ass over there now. There is so much going on there that you wouldn’t believe it. I still love the fact that some bars are so hidden so that you have to knock on this non-descript door and they will actually open up an little eye opener just to glance at you before letting you in. If you are a tourist the chance that you will find these ones are slim but I’m lucky in that my ex girlfriend is a berliner so she has shown me some really seedy but oh bloody hell so good place there. So she has promised me some freaky place this time as well.

Anyway, and probably not many of you have read this blog (hell, you do come here for the ladies, not for me…) do know that I’m a travel agent. Love travelling so long as it’s not by plane, worked in the industry for 15 years but am still so bloody scared of flying it’s ridiculous. I have to have at least 2 pints of beer before I board a plane otherwise you will see me twisting and squirming. And more likely looking out the window trying to figure out if the mechanics on the ground actually know what they are doing and if that screw they are holding should be on the plane and not in their hand. Aaaaarrggghhh…

But I’m improving, 15 years ago, you would have to get me so drunk that you had to carry me on the plane before I would even consider boarding the plane. Nowadays at least I only had to get a little tingly…

Anyways, to you all. HAPPY SUMMER and see you next week.

and stay away from my booze as well when I’m away… Hot smile

About Rincewind

Love my vintage pinups, burlesque, smoking fetish and weirdness. Swedish person lived in Sweden, London and now Prague. Love moving around, metting new people. Open your mind for new experiences.

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  1. Have a great trip, save some beer for me!

  2. Have fun and be safe. Berlin is sounding like it’s a place I need to put on my To Visit list. Fun!

    • oops, missed out on your comment. But oh yes, Berlin is a magnificent town with both culture (if wanted) and party (if needed). And the germans are so damn nice, my friend from Berlin she couldn’t understand how I thought that but perhaps they are nicer to outsiders 🙂

  3. I hope you had great holidays! Berlin is one of my favorite cities.

    • same here… Berlin, Marseilles, Barcelona are three of my favourite places to go to…

      • Never been to Marseille nor Barcelona but I have a trip to Marseille planned in November. You have to tell me what you like so much about it. My top 3 is San Francisco, London & Berlin. 🙂

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