Happy birthday Miss Mosh

And since it’s her birtday, it’s only fitting to show off her photos chronologically. Enjoy. 

squeeze_by_miss_moshIn her own words: Some time before I started modeling I had fallen in love with the erotic, exotic, and beautiful images that were called ‘fetish’. I was fascinated with vintage Bizarre Mag illustrations and photographs, in addition to modern photographers such as Lithium Picnic, Steve Diet Geodde, Christine Kessler, Bob Carlos Clarke, Irving Klaw, Helmut Newton, and the list goes on. The images brought much more than just a pretty picture to my imagination, and it provoked a lot more than just an erotic shot.
My addiction to these images led me to my own fetishes of corsets, heels, latex, leather, stockings, and more. I used this wardrobe to create what I believe a fetish image was or could be. I began modeling simple fashion and incorporated latex and leather into the mix. I put myself to work on my portfolio any chance I could. Any spare time I had on the weekends and sometimes weeknights I put towards modeling, this doesn’t include the endless hours I spent at work and school thinking about my next project or shoot. The hard work certainly paid off.

via Miss Mosh

And let’s visit her photos from her start in 2007, you can really tell the difference on the photos from then to now…

blue_barbie_by_miss_mosh 2007Moshdead_morgue_by_miss_mosh 2007


LOST_by_miss_mosh 2007mixed_pinks_by_miss_mosh 2007white_light_by_miss_mosh 2007peachy_keen_by_miss_mosh

a new year starts (2008):

chaste_by_miss_mosh 2008Love_Doll_by_miss_mosh 2008Bizzy_by_miss_mosh 2008Mosh Ego AssassinPoo_Kitty_by_miss_mosh 2008Moshslick__by_miss_moshsqueeze_by_miss_mosh


Peep_Show_by_miss_mosh 2009Red_Line_by_miss_mosh 2009Reverie_by_miss_mosh 2009Rise_by_miss_mosh 2009Simply_by_miss_mosh 2009Ultra_Twist_by_miss_mosh 2009Room_4_by_miss_mosh 2009


Alt_Mag_2_by_miss_mosh 2010Showist_by_miss_mosh 2010Showist_II_by_miss_mosh 2010This_Side_Up_by_miss_mosh 2010Bizarre_vs__Lovedoll_by_miss_mosh 2010Fuzzed_by_miss_mosh 2010Featurette_by_miss_mosh 2010Pretty_Poison_2_by_miss_mosh 2010Tid_Bits_by_miss_mosh 2010


bizarre_bunny_by_miss_mosh-d3fktj6 2011bizarre_bunny_ii_by_miss_mosh-d3fkto7 2011boxed_ii_by_miss_mosh-d3gdh9r 2011das_kitteh_by_miss_mosh-d36i0ll 2011exotique_by_miss_mosh-d42ni1i 2011gin_and_sin_ii_by_miss_mosh-d42exda 2011vanillic_by_miss_mosh-d3aqp2c 2011

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Love my vintage pinups, burlesque, smoking fetish and weirdness. Swedish person lived in Sweden, London and now Prague. Love moving around, metting new people. Open your mind for new experiences.

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  1. 5 stars and a LIKE simple aren’t enough my friend! Does the old “Nobody Does It Better” song ring a bell? 😀

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