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Drive-In featuring Kate Upton

You just gotta love this ad…

and if you want the behind the scenes shots:

Police woman


by *zlty-dodo

Todays pinup

acid doll

Model: Acid Doll (
Photographer: Sachie Nagasawa

Sexy smoker

The chase of Summertime



Very nice but it would take much more that that to encourage me to run a half marathon – Good luck – let me know if you want any sponsorship – every little helps LOL

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I do need to get Summertime in shape and as he says in his comment that it would take more than my sexy runner to encourage him to run a half marathon… well let’s get cracking with my team of helpers.

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Miss Laurelle


Visit her at her Facebook page or Her blog

Dressed to kill

Two lethal girls in one go…

sexy and deadlysexy lion tamer

Exercise is good for you

sexy runnerI have just started my practice for a half marathon in April, I expect to be half dead if I do reach the finishing line but with this new coach of mine here I might die of over drooling too much first.

But yes, I am truly doing a half marathon so if anyone want to be in my cheerleading squad, apply please. Pom poms will be distributed.

Dorian Cleavenger

I guess even Cthulhu gets down and dirty now and then…


Art by the great Dorian Cleavenger

Todays pinup

kate b

Model: Kate B.
Photographer: Celeste Giuliano Photography

FW: Are you my mother?

When Bob from Exploring Winnipeg and beyond posted his search for his birth mother and the story behind it I gladly share this story so that it can reach more people who maybe know someone who knows someone who and so on.

plus also he bribed me “I’ll stuff you full of beer, women, and hotdogs if you come visit.”. I mean, free Winnipeg hot dogs, I just can’t say no… Oh yeah, women as well, almost forgot but to be honest, it’s the hot dogs that I’m after here… Smile with tongue out

are-you-my-motherAre you my mother?

To make a long story short I have tried everything but going through the Ottawa phone book and cold calling people who share my last name.  Then I got to thinking I have a website that is seen by hundreds of people every day.  Maybe one of them knows who I am?  Maybe one of them has access to resources I do not have.  Maybe one of them knows Oprah or Ellen?  Long-shot I know but hey nothing ventured nothing gained.

Are YOU my mother?

My basic birth information is as follows, for obvious reasons I cannot disclose everything but someone out there has the other half of this puzzle maybe we can complete the picture together.who-do-you-think-you-are

The story goes that in the late 1968 or very early 1969 my mother was a young twenty year old stenographer and typist working in the  Ottawa/Hull region of Ontario possibly for the Police or Government Service.  She may have had a tryst with someone working in the service and produced me in the process.

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Last sexy redheads for the day, I promise… maybe…

Wasn’t gonna post another redhead for today but JP was nice enough to post this so just had to repost it, it’s just too good!

via JP Catavento

Want a bath?

sexy red in tub
The lovely Amy Adams

amy adams
latex redAnd no one says no to just one more sexy girl in latex do you?

amelia GAmelia G wanted in on the action with this Early Christmas that Summertime kindly posted (with some messed up reindeer outfit, you just gotta see it to believe it.). So enjoy her Christmas decoration under her tree this xmas.

sexy red

Prejudice by Tim Minchin

I do love this guy both for his music and his lovely comedy. This one is for all of you who are slightly redheaded, the good part does start at 2:26…

Pinup russian style

Well, it is redhead day so why not go commie red as well while we are at it…


via Alvarado

Red Sonja

red sonja cosplayWhat a great cosplay costume

Give me more…

more presentsSince I had a xmas-pinup today might as well just give out more gifts…

Redheaded lesbian love


3 times red equals awesome

What a lovely breeze…

redhead outside
hmmm, one sexy Suicide girl.

suicide girl

sexy nude redhead

Bianca Beauchamp

bianca beaucahmpThe always lovely Bianca in her outfits.

The fantastic four

I can see youuuu…

in the shadows
Lovely backside wouldn’t you say?

shot in the back
Catholic girls rules… by *zenibyfajnie

Ready for your walkies?

tied up
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