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Todays pinup

Not often I got Asian pinups, have to change that so a little post here to start off with.

asian pinup

Todays pinup ‘Oh my…’

oh my

The anticipation


The anticipation part of what’s coming up is always the best…

Sexy bikini/lingerie girls preparations

It’s getting closer to summer, so be prepared for bikini girls like this to show up at a beach near you. As for the lingerie, that one you have to work on yourself to see in a bedroom near you, hopefully your own. Open-mouthed smile

sexy bikini girl (2)on the beachsexy bikini girlsexy girl in lingeriesexy lingerie girlsexywoman in redveronika-fasterova-1920x1200-38513



From Eyes on the prize

Todays pinup

camera girl

Sexy toilet attendee

This is probably the worst title I could come up with but I just couldn’t come up with any catchy title. Had ‘Loo girl’, ‘Toilet babe’, ‘Down in the drains’, ‘Big boobies’ (yeah I know…), ‘Water-loo’ (am really not doing any good now I know), ‘Flushed out’… so just gave up so here you go at least, one sexy big bosomed babe with sexy legs in hot stockings and in a toilet. Honestly couldn’t the photographer had found a better place to showcase this girl than on top of the sinks… I mean really???

sexy gal in the loo

Plinky time – just a questionnaire for myself so ignore if you want to… no sexy pictures at all, sorry in advance :)

I got this plinky thing coming into my email box now and then which is supposed to help you come up with ideas for blog posts. Never used it so thought I might just use them all in one go so that at least I can say that I did my best…

Do you need coffee to wake up in the morning?

caffeine time

Oh yes, my coffee intake is quite a lot…

one cup in the morning with a cigarette
One cup at the train station from the Starbucks peeps

One cup at work (40 minutes after the train station)
And then probably 4-5 cups during work.

One cup at home and finally one cup before I go to bed so that when I wake up, the half full cup that I didn’t finish is straight into my mouth. But I do sleep like a baby anyway after all this caffeine intake. Some people call this slightly weird, I call it survival Open-mouthed smile

List your must-haves for a successful road trip.

Just good people… I mean really, there is no other answer is it…

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Some quiet time enjoying the cigar


I love this black and white smoking photo, thank god you girls can multi-task smoking and whatever her other hand is doing Embarrassed smile The lovely model/photographer is Zenibyfajnie 

Had her quite some times on my blog both as model and a photographer:




Amazing model and photographer – sexy nude

Artic fox

Sexy Smokers XVIII




Redhead love

Nude B&W art shot

Sexy Smokers XXII




Sexy Smokers XXVI

The fantastic four


The evil queen

evil queen

Love this dark drawing of the Evil Queen from Snow White.

Leigh Yeager

leigh yeager

Laura Moro

A published Model and MMA Ring Girl for Ring Rulers in the South.

Her facebook page

laura moro 1laura moro4f58101b2a064lauramoro_06_schoolgirl_plaid_skirtlaura moro 2lauramoro_bahn_03LauraMoro_Bahn_01lauramoro_bahn_04

Todays pinup

diner time

Jang Hye Byeol and Lee Seung Mi by Tae Woo Vogue Girl

Erotic: #52

just a drop dead gorgeous model…

Pinup of Christina Hendricks

christina hendricks

Christina Hendricks by Miles Aldridge from a GQ cover in 2010.

Lovely freckled girl

sexy girl

Love the freckles and her face, oh yeah, she does have an impressive rack as well Disappointed smile

Sexy pinup Ms Redd


Her official site opening soon or her ModelMayhem profile

Boobie watch – that darn poll

sucking titlatex loveOk, not surprisingly the breast size doesn’t seem to matter to much, was a close call in the poll but the large boobies seems to be winning it but the margins are too close to really say hands down that they are the winners.

Also realised that what some say is big breasts might be considered normal medium sized one for someone else. Darn poll.

For myself I do want them to be quite fitted to my hands, so medium/small for myself.

Anyway, for your entertainment a big sized boobie post with loads to enjoy.


Let’s start with some amateur shot of some impressive chests:

amateur tits (2)Daiane Samateur tits

and then some of the lovely redhead Ms Beauchamp:

beauchamp (2)beauchamp (3)beauchamp

do please continue reading/drooling/watching…

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Todays pinup


Nerd Wash

This is just pure awesomeness, need to get myself a car NOW! 😀


In our travels, we’ve come to realize that some nerd types tend to have very relaxed personal hygiene policies. This of course is probably what keeps their geek goddesses at a distance from them. Limiting their daily worship to staring at desktop backgrounds and the occasional screen saver. Luckily, while it may seem that these nerd-gasm inducing ladies only exist in a galaxy far, far away, it turns out that if you have a decent car – that isn’t your mom’s – you can get Sara Jean Underwood to come close enough to rub herself all over your ride. That is, if you pay her and you stay in the car at all times.

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