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Purple rain

lovely girlLove the lighting on this photo…

Sexy Smokers XXXII

It is now proved beyond doubt that smoking is one of the leading causes of statistics.
Fletcher Knebel


They’re talking about banning cigarette smoking now in any place that’s used by ten or more people in a week, which, I guess, means that Madonna can’t even smoke in bed.
Bill Maher


Todays pinup

sarah jayne

Model: Sarah Jayne
Photography:Pin Up Perfection

Updated Little red riding hood goth style

the new red riding hood

Luscious Lola Monroe

lola monroe

Who do you expect at home?

tumblr_m0ygftMlNu1qkjp6jo1_500whip it up

Two contrasts, who do you want waiting for you when you get home tonight?

Todays pinup Western style

kourtney reppert

Kourtney Reppert by Celeste Giuliano Photography

Gloom and doom in maid kingdom

gothic maidThat dastardly rascal Summertime has been spreading doom and gloom through his contacts in the maids underworld about me and my search for a new maid.

Think I got myself a new gothic maid who should be able to sort him out… Ninja Beware Summertime…

But just read what the man said about me, ohhh the pain:

That Rincewind chap is advertising for Amateur Maids, what can I say, the doors to Downton Abbey and 165 Eaton Place will remained closed to him, we must have standards after all  🙂

Flirt maleFlirt maleFlirt male

Read on…

read onRead people, that’s all I wanted to say for today… read on

read on(1)I can come just from reading. I don’t even have to touch myself. The first time this happened, I was shocked. I was reading a “dubious” consent story about a woman pulled over by two police officers. They searched her and I got wet, they stripped her and I began to pulse, they penetrated her and I began throb, they fucked her deep and came all over her and the moment they came, so did I. I am barely able to write this post just thinking about it now. I’ve read that book again, just to see if it would happen the second time and it sure as hell did.

From the lovely Gillian Colbert and her blog post On Being a word perv

Amateur maid

amateur maidAm doing my job interviews for new maids but the professionals are hard to come by, think Summertime has taken the most for his harem of maids Crying face But slowly the CV’s are coming in and I think this girl might have what to it take to come over to my place.

Send your cv to erotixx if you are interested.

The Tuesday bouncy post

Feeling a little bit bouncy today so just put together a few lovely pictures in one go…

bouncing awaybouncing away


Am still doing my training for the half marathon in May and might have found myself a new trainer.

my trainer
This bloody doll would scare me to death if I found it in my room…

scary doll
The lovely Carlotta Champagne, what a body….

carlotta champagne
Her smile is just killing me…

sexy girl in lingerie

Yepp, the clock you all want…

the clock to have

Todays pinup

diner time

Oh those curves

curvy redheadWell, I do like some curves on my girls and this one got ‘em alright…

Thoughtful smoking


Afternoon – superb sexy drawing


Afternoon by ~GraphicDream

Sexy ebony

sexy black

Not so sure about the tinfoil but she is hot…

Todays pinup

Glasses, corset and a sexy lady for everyone to enjoy today.


The photographer Josephine Jonsson is on wordpress so do check out her blog

Josefine Jönsson

I’m back…

So back from Hong Kong and my full 22 hours in Hong Kong, quick and sweet. But business class with Hong Kong Airlines back and forth was soooo sweet.

The only problem I had was that my lovely bank managed to block my card because they thought it was some fraud going on when I started paying for drinks in Hong Kong. So had to find all the in-expensive thing (free!!) to do which was good and bad I guess.

Found some interesting parks and side streets and other tiny tiny markets which I might have missed out to due to taking the MTR (tube) everywhere but my my poor feet are hurting now I can tell you.

But managing to be in Hong Kong and never being able to eat some of the food was a let down but maybe next time… and next time I will talk to the bank about travelling so that this doesn’t happen again… If you hear about a Lloyds TSB branch being torched, it might be me. 😉

Pinup art by Dan de Carlo

pinup art by dan de carlo

“Gwen darling, I never said this to a girl before: why don’t you get a crewcut?”

Todays pinup


Hey, Sailor…by ~DarkOceanDream

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