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Lesbian Horse Stories and Other Bad Book Covers!

some really awful book covers, I just love it!


I may be better known for my bad album covers, but for a change here’s a beautiful selection of really bad book covers…










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Todays pinup


Model: AnnaBoop

My Favourite Laurel & Hardy Gag

this one does deserve a reblog on it’s own, have been sitting on youtube for almost an hour just watching old clips of these two great comedians…

Too little latex

Another one from Frans Mensink…


Too Little Latex by *FransMensinkArtist

This was inspired by a comment from Muady yesterday, who has a hard time getting himself to draw on a regular basis. I hope seeing his comment visualized in a painting will inspire him to not give up. I challenged him to do his own version already. GO MUADY

Rear View Window

rear view window

Rear View Window by *FransMensinkArtist



Innocent girls, nah, probably not…

1 (2817)little school girlcuteness personified

Wave motion

Redhead girl with some lovely curves are always a good combination wouldn’t you say.


wave motion by ~Baal-Kaos

Model Lilia la blanche

Feel the pain

I knew that the NHS (National Health Service) service has gone down a bit but this… mmm need to get myself to this hospital pronto. Open-mouthed smile


The Sunday reblog

Reblog galore… was away for the weekend but always a pleasure to go through my inbox and see what nice things are there…

Rachel Burr Is In


We didn’t know Rachel Burr until about 30 minutes ago, but man would we love to get to know her some more. What we do know though, is that she is a model and she is damn good at it. Here’s the evidence.

Olga Schoberová – Czech-American Actress


Olga Schoberová or Olinka Bérová born March 15, 1943 in Prague, Czech Republic(then Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia), Czech-American actress, was often compared with Brigitte Bardot and Ursula Andress.

Prima Ballerina

1 (408)

A lovely White Swan…



Once again, why is this not happening on my station. Crying face
Geeking Out: Babe


Not sure who this is a cosplay of but its nice!

A Sunday smoke…


Oh so lovely…

Amazing animated GIFS

Lime is better has compiled 62 of some nice animated gifs for you…
I love it. Boomshakalaka!

and if you need a fix of the Genesis boys, Mak has posted some videos to enjoy (apparently his computer is working now so he is one happy bunny Bunny) Friday Night With The Genesis Boys!

oo3_1009and if you want some tennis action from Bryoni Kate, enjoy these lovely ones from Grumpy Old Fart

For the girls

sexyI know, I know, not enough guys for you girls on my blog so I hope I can please you with these three. And had to have Clark Gable, now that is a MAN! clarksexy guymeme fantastic

Fortune telling

Now this is what I want my messages to be in my fortune cookies…

fortune cookie

Todays pinup

maggie eliana

Maggie Eliana by Rick Myers

FW: xxPoisonxx – sexy redhead gothic girl

xxPoisonxx – sexy redhead gothic girl >> Reblog from November 2009

xxPoisonxx is a 21 years old model from Philadelphia.
Check out her myspace website here.


Seductive in black

hot to trot

Biting down

biting it

Gothic wallpaper III

Just_Lickgothique-1149900697hear_you_whispersheart_of_terror_1280x1024her gohst in the fogi__m_just_tiredinfestation_1280x1024infestation_ii_1280x1024Infinity_Lipsi_love_u_too

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Sexy corset


Todays pinup

lacy lane

Model Lacy Lane Photography by Painted Pinups Photography

Lacy Lane:

Painted Pinups:

Gothic wallpaper II


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FW: Alternative beauty

Alternative beauty >> reblog from May 2011

Maybe not everyone’s cup of tea, java or whatever you might drink. It’s always good to get some alternative beauties to look at. Love visiting Camden town here in London to goggle at the sexy punkers/heavy metal girls and of course the Goths.

There is a reason why 2 of my former girlfriends were metal freaks and one Hello Kitty maniac. Yeah not exactly sure what the Hello Kitty girl and I had in common or why we started dating :) oh yeah, she was weird but I do get so attracted by the not so conventional people…


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