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Todays pinup VIII – Summertime

Last pinup for today now, hope you enjoyed them all, am now off to Bröderna Olsson Garlic & shot with some friends, and people believe me, their food is stuffed with garlic, soooo so nice but damn, you don’t want to snog someone after that Open-mouthed smile. And to top the evening off at Heaven for some dancing, a gay place in London but if you feel like dancing for 2 days straight, this is the place to go. Damn fun even if you’re straight. I’m a lucky man to have my girlfriend coming but I also have 5(!!) other girls coming along, I’m gonna feel like a fox in a hen house.

And Sunday will be a day at the beach of Brighton, I LOVE THE SUMMER!


Model, Photographer and hair and make up: Sari von Bolanden

This is how I think my night will be, lyric wise:

Todays pinup VII


Model and Styling: Sari von Bolanden
Photographer: Majana

Sexy from Gillian Colbert

Loved this little poem from the always gorgeous Gillian Colbert at Blackdoor press

Reblog from Gillian Colbert “Sexy”

Had to add these gorgeous girls, have been trying to find a post to put them in and thought why not, hope you don’t mind Gillian…

Sexy might be a state of mind
But, if you would be so kind
I still want you to harden at the thought of me
To wonder exactly how it would be
To trail kisses along my skin
Seeking with each delicate press to draw me in
To seduce with each caress and touch
I don’t think it’s asking too much
I want to be the focus of your desire
Even as your lust flames higher
To leave you breathless and needy
Damn, how that makes me greedy
For that gorgeous steely erection
A sight of pure carnal perfection
The evidence of your passion
Perhaps together we can fashion
An experience wild and true
Leaving you to say, “I’ll never forget you.”

Oh yes … that would definitely do

Todays pinup VI


Model Brigitte Lee
By And Everything Else Photography

Todays pinup V – feeling blue


Model: Nella Fragola

Todays pinup IV


Lola Lauren from 2012 Good Guys Del Mar Nationals Car Show

Have a deja-vu feeling about this girl but here we go again in that case…

Todays pinup III


Model Hélène de Joie taken in Proud, Camden,London by Rowan Hunn

Todays pinup II


Model Necrofoxx

Todays pinup I

As a nice ending of the month, let’s go wild and crazy with these pinups today…


Model: Vivi Louise

Todays pinup


Model Keke Noir

Sexy see-thru

curvy pinup

Classy smoking

kristelle ochcolat

Sexy hot Asian girls 4

continued from Sexy asians 3… my final big post of sexy asian girls for a while…

Todays pinup Laced up


Model: Little Bit
Photo’s by: Jenna Kraczek Make-up and Photography

Noir smoking

noir smoking

Dragon caller


Dragon Caller by *henning

Red and loving it

sexy red

Pin the tail on the…

most definitely not a donkey…

sexy tail

I’m back and loving it…

The moose signinboxWell, I’m back and hope you all had a great weekend as well, 3 days in Sweden for the midsummers party with my family and my German ex and my best friend with me. Brilliant time and if you ever go, go in the summer time. Sexy girls, great good food and superb people.

Stayed at a great hostel in Sweden called Långholmen in Stockholm which is a converted prison but is so cool, you got the bunks and feeling of prison there but in a classy way. Plus there is a nudist beach just 2 minutes from the The roomshotel (see picture below). What more can one ask for.

Anyway, now to start my inbox reading to see what everyone else has been up to… Expect a few reblogs today and tomorrow.


Miami Dolphin Cheerleaders ‘Call me maybe’

I dare you to dislike this video Surprised smile

“The Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders shot their 2013 Swimsuit Calendar in the beautiful Dominican Republic. We decided to have a little fun and make our own cover of Carly Rae’s “Call Me Maybe”. We hope you enjoy! (Official Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Video)”

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Think my favourite girl is the redheaded sexy one at 2:42… and yours?

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