Does a galaxy filled with habitable planets mean humanity is doomed?

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  1. As much as I hate the idea personally, I suspect that mankind is destined to be snuffed out by that “Great Filter” thingy – i.e., human stupidity. And it would be just our (much deserved) luck that, right after we do ourselves in, some not-so-stupid aliens would show up, allowing the scenario I joked about in an update to my Dragged Down By The Stone post to actually play out:

    I decided to update this article after watching John Oliver’s (The Daily Show) stand-up performance on Comedy Central. With his being British, and with Pink Floyd being British, and with my fascination with that British accent (I think in a British accent at times don’t you know), it just seemed appropriate that I include his closing thoughts as an update to this article.

    John, and his comic “scientist” sidekick, made the point that perhaps the reason the U.S. isn’t working harder to solve the problems of the world is because, according to the rules of this crazy competition, the “winner” of the game is the country that is on top when the world ends. Well now, being the die-hard and fatalistic American patriot that I am, I’m obligated to consider that perhaps this is a good thing. It’s just a damned shame that no one will be around to celebrate our glorious achievement.

    But, again, being the die-hard and fatalistic American patriot that I am, I am also unwilling to give up on fame and fortune – regardless of the cost! Perhaps we can leave some sort of Great American Monument to brag about said achievement for future alien visitors to find and be awed by. Won’t that just wipe the smirk right off their proud, little, grey, planet-hopping faces!

    • haha, oh yeah that was a good post from you, but yes, we are most likely never going to live long enough as a species to be able to shake hands with the grey men from outer space 😀

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