I’m back and loving it…

The moose signinboxWell, I’m back and hope you all had a great weekend as well, 3 days in Sweden for the midsummers party with my family and my German ex and my best friend with me. Brilliant time and if you ever go, go in the summer time. Sexy girls, great good food and superb people.

Stayed at a great hostel in Sweden called Långholmen in Stockholm which is a converted prison but is so cool, you got the bunks and feeling of prison there but in a classy way. Plus there is a nudist beach just 2 minutes from the The roomshotel (see picture below). What more can one ask for.

Anyway, now to start my inbox reading to see what everyone else has been up to… Expect a few reblogs today and tomorrow.


About Rincewind

Love my vintage pinups, burlesque, smoking fetish and weirdness. Swedish person lived in Sweden, London and now Prague. Love moving around, metting new people. Open your mind for new experiences.

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  1. Great to have you back my friend. From your description though, I think they might have had to drive me off with a gun! 😀

    I’m also envious of your Inbox count. You can know that off in no time at all. The 79,876 sitting in mine, however, is a mountain this mere mortal will never be able to climb! 😯

  2. I missed you bro. Welcome back. 😀

  3. CatastroFUCK

    Id love to take a trip there. Sounds simply Devine. Plus im used to prison so I would be right at home in that hotel 😉
    Glad you had a great time…my suggestion for the inbox: fire…lots and lots of fire

  4. How’s your trip mate??? Did you manage to hook up with any scandinavian babes??? lol
    Welcome back 🙂

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