Sunday reblogs /Sexy princess/Memorian/Megan Diggs and loads more…

Some reblogs today, am going through my inbox again and even though Izaakmak will just snort at the amount (1500 mails), for me that’s just shitloads. Usually try to read all the new emails by the end of the day but that aint gonna happen right now..

This first reblog is something that probably hasn’t escaped anyone, the shameful killing in Colorado. And do read Bobs post about this as well What the fuck is wrong with people? The Batman Massacre from Exploring Winnipeg and Beyond.


In Memoriam

Jessica N. Ghawi, 24
Veronica Moser-Sullivan, 6
John T. Larimer, 27
Alexander J. Boik, 18
Jesse E. Childress, 29
Jonathan T. Blunk, 26
Rebecca Ann Wingo, 32
Alex M. Sullivan, 27
Gordon W. Cowden, 51
Micayla C. Medek, 23
Alexander C. Teves, 24
Matthew R. McQuinn, 27

From Piedtype


Why Dad?



from The Weirdly Wired World

Geeking Out: Princess


from Social Overdose

Beautiful Faces


from Cool Berman

Megan Diggs Latest shoot…


From Hallucinatingmartyr

Karen La Colombiana!


From Hallucinatingmartyr

Bryoni Kate – St Trinian’s


and more at Grumpy Old Fart

Pet Maid


and to see more of his new maid, click here.

Love this shadow play…


and a lovely little rant from Izzakmak with loads of funny videos:

Excuse Me While I Whip This Out!

Remember that “Oh good grief!” I began yesterday’s post with? Well, if I had only known… After several very weird fits and starts, my entire neighborhood “went dark” for nearly six and a half hours starting just before 3pm. As usual, no explanation has been provided as to what was behind the outage. There were storms in the area at the time, but the power fluctuations began at least a half hour before they even got here. Argh! :mad:

Needless to say, I was “a little bit flustered” by all of this, and was simply in no mood to respond to your comments when I was finally able to. Sorry about that! :oops: Anyway, I will try to get to them ASAP but, with even stronger storms in the area today, I wanted to “whip out” some mood soothing humor before another disaster strikes…

and to see some Katy Perry puppet sex (spoof) and a great Tech Porn support comedy sketch, click here

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  1. Thanks for the plug. Totally awesome reblogs my friend! 😀

  2. Thanks mate.. hope you’ll enjoy it 🙂

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