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Sexy girls wearing the US flag proudly

This would have been perfect for the 04th of july but I think you will forgive me for posting it so late, just enjoy these patriotic girls.

Todays pinup Wonder Woman


holy… just wow… and I think another wow for good measure…

My girlfriends girlfriend


by *Fledermausland
Model: Vipersdoll and TrizTaess

Help… please before my head explodes…

Help me… started thinking about a home shopping presenter from the  USA who was selling crap on TV in the 80’s-90’s. He wore glasses, has brown hair and his trademark jumper in all different colours… think his 1st name is Mike. Does anyone know his full name??

And oh yeah, he looked real geeky…

This is driving me insane and google for once has given up trying to help me, my search words are getting more and more bisarre 😀 “USA presenter Mike selling shit in his jumper” doesn’t not give me at all what I need, strange…  I could give up this quest but now that I have started thinking about it, I’m doomed. I just gotta know…

by the way, 3rd day wank free. Have diverted all my energy to the above silly questions instead 🙂

Guestblog: Emily Strange

avatar_a42b8a51d558_128Ok, this is a guestblog from the Tumblr world, no words so don’t know who this girl is but she keeps on finding these amazing dark, sexy goth pictures that just thrills me to the bone (pun intended Open-mouthed smile)

So no 1st post but at least I could randomize the pictures so if you like your girls on the goth side, you will love this tumblr.

I present: Emily Strange


The maid you don’t want to cross…
Gun loving goth…
Lovely corset and girl…
and just pure sexy, lovely girl…

and couldn’t help myself, had to add some more pictures from her Tumblr world:

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Just an amazing photographer, Igor Amelkovich.


Sexy nude pictures by Igor Amelkovich  // My page with loads of his pictures

His official site


3 lovely maids…


Izumi + Mitsuki + Anna – He is my Master by GeniMonster

A Very Merry Unbirthday to You

And if it’s your birthday, a very merry birthday to you…


by *hoschie

Sexy bunny

by *plu-moon

Harley and Ivy

harley_queen_cosplay_by_laernu-d544k2p arkham_asylum__poison_ivy_by_ormeli-d5au2ri

by ~Laernu

by *ormeli

Todays pinup


Todays pinup


To wank or not to wank

just-say-nojerking off; spit-shining the old water pump; waxing the brass candlestick; beating off; playing cards with only one hand on the table; riding the quarter-horse; joining the mile-high club, solo-aviator division; giving in to the hand police; wank.

Masturbating has many names and unfortunately for me, I read Accidental Masturbators blog yesterday when he was so happy to have sex with his wife but unable to orgasm so he was going to abstain from masturbation for one week. Hyacinth (guestblog from yesterday) took up the torch and agreed to help him out (nooo, not that way u pervs Smile with tongue out). Nope, she would also try to behave herself.

So as a helping hand, I throw myself into this as well and will stay away from my private parts for one week, other lovely bloggers have also committed to this so during one week there will be many frustrated sex/erotica bloggers on wordpress… Confused smile 

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Boob flash

Revealing but not too much… oh how I do love a cleavage.

1 (8)

Erotixx drinks

Really!? I had a google search to see what finds I would get when I put in Erotixx just for pure amusement and thinking I needed an ego boost. I found quite a lot of German striptease bars and clubs but also this one which made my day. I so have to get me one of these drinks.


[Official blog] [Facebook page]

Mortal Kombat cosplay videos

Some time ago since he posted this one and had totally forgot about them in my draft box… All from Mr 306, hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Kitana – Mortal Kombat Full-Length Trailer

Kitana via Mr 306

Mortal Kombat 9 ‘Mileena & Kitana Live Action Trailer

Mileena & Kitana via Mr 306

Mortal Kombat – Sexy Kitana #Cosplay Trailer (Rachelle Glover) HD

Sexy Kitana via Mr 306

Mortal Kombat – Sexy Mileena #Cosplay Trailer (Danni Levy) HD

Sexy Mileena via Mr 306

Guestblog: A Dissolute Life Means…

A very personal blog about Hyacinth and her life after the divorce and her nowadays sexlife in all it’s details, a truly revealing blog and quite often very sexy and hot. Who doesn’t love to read about peoples real life sex life, well I do at least… Brings out the little peeping tom in me Smile with tongue out It’s a great blog and such a lovely, friendly (well at least online Winking smile)  girl, you will enjoy this blog.

I present A Dissolute Life Means…

In their own words:

I am Hyacinth Jones. Multi-layered, multi-moraled, multi-educated; a mother; a feminist who wants to be dominated, a hard-ass who wants to be coddled; a lover of man-on-man lovin’; a lover of lovin’.

In September of ’10, I separated from my ex-husband and began fucking my way through grief and sorrow finding solace in a cock between my thighs. No joke.

I never thought much about it beyond the fact that I had a need and I wanted to fill it. While fucking liberally and with zest my heart continued to ice over. I ate men for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. —> to be continued on her About me page


So here comes my lucky number 5 randomized posts from her blog (except for the 1st one which is always going to be the 1st blog post they’ve made).

1st post:


That’s right. You read that correctly. I. pooped. on. a. dude.

A tragic sentence that played on a constant loop in my head for about 48 hours after the fact.

Here’s the thing. It was an accident – a total fucking accident. I didn’t mean to shit on a dude. A warm, muscle-y, big-cocked fellow whose bodily treats really brought the shat upon himself. I swear. The poop, it came out of my butt, and went on another living human being quite completely by accident. OHMYFUCKINGGOD. I can’t believe this happened to me!

But if he hadn’t bucked so hard inside of me; if he hadn’t had such a deliciously big cock that knocked my g-spot right off the map; if I hadn’t stayed on top so long; and if I hadn’t moved to the goddamned chair this never would have happened.

So here’s the deal — the God’s honest truth — SHIT REALLY DOES HAPPEN. And here’s how it all went down:

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In a way, I’ve struck out twice.

When I was with Jason last Saturday I told him how one of my fantasies was to spend an entire day with a lover, with him, wherein we would fuck and play all day long. He looked at me as he buckled his pants and said, “I don’t know what you think I can do, but I’m only human.”

I didn’t know what to say to that. I think I may have stammered, but I bet it came out much more smoothly than that. “Well, I just mean we fuck, rest, play, cuddle, eat, take lots of breaks, but the point of the whole day is to be naked and hedonistic.”

I couldn’t believe I was quantifying it. He sort of shrugged.

Then, I said the same exact thing to The Neighbor and his reaction was similar.


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Tonight I went on a date with a 25-year-old. Twenty.five.  ELEVEN years my junior.  I feel like a cradle-robber, an old fart, and a bad ass all at once.

I have NO idea what’s up with this slew of young men who want to bang me, talk to me and otherwise partake in my company, but I’m down.  There’s something innocent and charming about these boys who think they can hang with me.  I like their efforts.

And I don’t mean that in a condescending way, but come on.  A single, childless man in his mid- to late-twenties who’s never had a serious commitment, career, or care in the world is not and cannot be my peer.  I have lived several lives in the years that create our age separation.  Maybe even a thousand lives.  He can be sweet, sensitive, intelligent, fun, sexy, and passionate, but he cannot relate to life as a 36 year-old single mother with a graduate degree and a career.

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He’s tall, smart, charming and sexy. I’m following him home then we’re going to my friend’s birthday party.

There will be spelunking later.

Also, TN came over earlier. It was beautiful.

I am happy and in control and my breasts look delish. Perfect.

I plan on a good, hard fuck tonight wish me luck.

[Update: No sex. Not up to snuff. Proud of myself.]


xbacklitIn about an hour I’ll be in a crowded lobby with my tits covertly pressed against The Neighbor’s arm whenever I can manage it.  He’ll look at me knowingly and lean into the softness.

Then, once in the darkened theater, he’ll spread his knees and I’ll have hot meat in my hand and a beer in the other.

I can’t fucking wait.

Todays pinup Cherry Dollface


Cherry Dollface

Green Jello and their classic video ‘Little pig, little pig’

Remembered this great song and video due to I want Ice waters reflection on accents (it will make sense if you check out his blog post, yes really… Smile )

Anyway, awesome song from my teen hood.

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