RIP Sylvia Kristel, star of Emmanuelle

kristel clearDutch actress Sylvia Kristel, who starred in the 1974 erotic French film Emmanuelle, has died aged 60.

Emmanuelle, which told the story of a sexually promiscuous housewife, spawned numerous sequels and played in a cinema on the Champs-Elysees for 11 years.

Released in 1974, the soft-focus French film was one of the first erotic movies to be shown in mainstream cinemas.

Kristel herself attributed its success to the changing censorship laws of the era.

“In a lot of countries the light went on, and that contributed very much to the success,” she said.


In the UK, however, the film was eventually given the restricted X-rating, having suffered heavy cuts. The unedited version did not appear in the country until 2007.

Kristel went on to star in several Emmanuelle sequels, as well as more mainstream films – many of which, like Lady Chatterley’s Lover and Mata Hari, played on her reputation as an erotic film star.

via BBC News

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  1. A great post about some very sad news my friend. My wife and I stood in line to see the first Emmanuelle back in 1974. I liked the movie, and Sylvia Kristel seemed like the purest essence of erotic fascination in it. I also hoped that the movie foreshadowed a new age of sexual enlightenment, where one of the most important aspects of being human would finally come out of the dark and into the light where all good things live. I’m still waiting for that…

    • wow, you saw this in the cinemas.. that is so cool… Totally agree on the new age of sexual enlightenment, it’s not all out there porn and the UK released the original cut in 2007, thats a long time in waiting…

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