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Todays pinup

by ~JoseLuisCunha

Photography: Jose Luis Cunha Photography
Model: Bianca Gerth (Next Models)

RIP Sylvia Kristel, star of Emmanuelle

kristel clearDutch actress Sylvia Kristel, who starred in the 1974 erotic French film Emmanuelle, has died aged 60.

Emmanuelle, which told the story of a sexually promiscuous housewife, spawned numerous sequels and played in a cinema on the Champs-Elysees for 11 years.

Released in 1974, the soft-focus French film was one of the first erotic movies to be shown in mainstream cinemas.

Kristel herself attributed its success to the changing censorship laws of the era.

“In a lot of countries the light went on, and that contributed very much to the success,” she said.


In the UK, however, the film was eventually given the restricted X-rating, having suffered heavy cuts. The unedited version did not appear in the country until 2007.

Kristel went on to star in several Emmanuelle sequels, as well as more mainstream films – many of which, like Lady Chatterley’s Lover and Mata Hari, played on her reputation as an erotic film star.

via BBC News


Getting ready for winter with some lovely summer pictures… 🙂sexy on the beach (5)sexy on the beach (2)sexy on the beach (3)sexy on the beach (4)sexy on the beach (6)sexy on the beach

Pinup cartoon


by ~celaoxxx

Todays pinup Unicorn ride

by *hihosteverino

love my smoking girls…

Todays pinup

by =aka–photography

Todays pinup Pencil holder?

by *hihosteverino

On my way home…

Just a quick post while i’m waiting for my flight which is lovely delayed by one hour… Snore… Had a great time in Prague w my gf so tomorrow will be a day to go through my blog reading that has been going on since my 4 days away so be prepared for lots of comments and likes my fellow bloggers 🙂


my gf new boyfriend 🙂


and my best bud 🙂

Todays pinup Bridgitte Bardot

bridgitte bardot

Todays pinup


Todays pinup


Todays pinup


Prague here I cum

Am sitting in Horley and have checked into my hotel. Have a lovely(!) 6am flight but then i’m off to Prague to meet my girlfriend. Love that city, it has some amazing culture but by far the most gorgeous girls. If u have a chance, go here.

Just one sexy Czech girl, the lovely Adriana Karembeu:


Actually u guys and girls need to check out this loggers. He/she has some amazing erotic pictures… Yum yum…

Reading pleasure via Social OD

Damn, I got aroused watching this video…

“This is a video of a Tatted Portuguese girl reading a book while she is being “pleasured”…who thinks of this?? They need to be honored!!”

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Happy sweet Vera Roberts days

225986_183945838322486_4228551_nI love this girl to bits and so should you… it’s her birthday today so just want to let you guys/girls know about some of her awesome stuff she has done to my dick… and noooo she hasn’t even touched it (don’t want Maksim, her hubby, on my case anyway. Big Ukrainian dude, need I say more Smile), she has just written some great stuff which have have made me a happy man Open-mouthed smile 

She has written a great romantic and then kicked it off with some lovely S&M with the Scott and Mariana series. Would love to say that I love her romantic touch in the newly advertised “Hot Like Fire” but I have to wait 2 more days for that one… So if you want some raunchy, sexy shit… do read her books…

and of course, say happy birthday to the little one at her blog The Intoxication of Vera Roberts or her facebook page Vera Roberts


1e6fpzScott stood behind Mariana’s ass and admired it. It was so beautiful and the baby oil still glistened from when she applied it. Scott swatted Mariana’s left cheek once. She slightly jumped on impact.  He swatted her right cheek, but Mariana didn’t move. Scott tossed the riding crop aside and walked over to his desk, grabbing a small paddle.  He went back to Mariana, who was patiently obedient.

He kneeled behind her and slapped her ass hard with the paddle. She slightly moved from her position and bit her lip in pleasure. The second slap made Mariana close her eyes and she relished in the feeling. The third slap felt great but the fourth slap turned her out.



a freebie one with the Train so do click on that one just to try her out…


don’t usually do the political here but this image is just so
awesome and oh yes very disturbing. Need to come up w a good caption…


And who can deny Leia anything…


by ~diacita

Beer and boobies, three of my favourite things 🙂

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