By the way… Coffee…

I’m a massive coffee drinker. Have been drinking coffee since I was 14 and yes, had a few headaches but that went away with water for me. Nowadays I only know myself to be drinking the amount I do.

My coffee schedule:
7am: coffee when I wake up
8am: Starbucks at the train station
9.30: coffee at work
Around 12: coffee with my lunch
13.00: coffee while on the way to my desk
15.00/16.00: last cuppa at work
19.00: coffee at home
22.00: last cuppa

And this is moderate schedule for me, happens that I exceed 10 a day. But no problem sleeping, actually if I don’t have that last cup I can’t sleep. Weird but true.

Realised this due to this bloggers problem to liking coffee. lazy Laura Maisey. Happy Friday all..

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Love my vintage pinups, burlesque, smoking fetish and weirdness. Swedish person lived in Sweden, London and now Prague. Love moving around, metting new people. Open your mind for new experiences.

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  1. I’m a coffee drinker morning, noon and sometimes in the evening. Basically it is Starbucks, and Seattle’s Best. I couldn’t function with out it…

  2. I’m a huge coffee fan myself. Because my coffee maker makes a better brew when I do, I make at least 4 cups (24oz) at a time to from my very big mug. Extra “cups” for me ends up equaling a LOT of coffee. Of course, when people see how I like it, they usually say something like “So, I see you like a little coffee with your cream and sugar!” 😆

  3. That seems like sooooo much coffee to me, a newcomer to the coffee world. I have one very short espresso mid morning and even that’s taking some getting used to!

  4. I used to drink gallons of the stuff, now I’m down to maybe a cup or two a week.

  5. Wow, my max is 3 cups of coffee a day, if i drink more coffee I will have migraine..

  6. I adore coffee too. My son used to be a barista at Starbucks. He turned me into a coffee whore. I’m too old to be any other kind. Hahahahaha! My favorite is Komodo Dragon, 5 pumps caramel, two sweet and low and room for real cream. Remember that when you come to visit me.

  7. I’ve never tried coffee! Can you believe it?

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