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Todays pinup Happy New Year 2013!



Hope you all will have an awesome New Year!

stress less

I approve of these steps.. More hugs to the people..

La Femme.

Ar trebui să învăț din nou cum să zâmbesc…



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During the Victorian time the slang term “blowsy” was coined for a prostitute, similarly the expression “blow,” slang for ejaculation. Thus the expression blow-job established itself in the 1930s to mean fellatio. In Ancient Greece the term given was “playing the flute”

Q: What did the hurricane say to the coconut palm tree?
A: Hold on to your nuts, this is no ordinary blow job!

Some amazing pinup shots….

Boyofbows Weblog

Link To More Images By Nikita Gushue

Link To Facebook Page of Nikita Gushue

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Via Felynx X

Harley and Catwoman xmas jolly

Crap forgot to post this one in the xmas period…

image image

Via Raffaele Marinetti

And a non so xmassy one but nice one anyway from Malro Doll


My year in pictures…

I really liked this idea for a blogpost… My 2012 has been interesting to say the least. A lot of ups and downs…


Started running every Saturday

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Todays pinup Dessie Mae



roberta murgo

Feeling perky or what… 🙂

Boys on girls…

Am a lucky man today, have my 5 favourite friends at my place and after a few wine and now starting on the rum we of course started talking about sex as one does *grin*. It helps that all my friends are girls and they of course know about my blog. Showed them my last evening post which made them browse away on my tumblr account for more with some hot guys in the picture so here you go on behalf of my girlfriends.







Todays pinup


Model: Racheal Roberts
MUAH: Racheal Major
© 2012 Atomic Photography

Squeeze me good

Any of you girls who wants to be crushed properly and good…


Jo Jo Burton

This is one way of recruiting people to emigrate to the states, hell I might go…

Mr 3O6

Model JoJo Burton presented by Iconik Images @Ricky_Fontaine

Photographer: Iconik Images
@Ricky_Fontaine (twitter)
@iconikimages (instagram)

Model: JoJo
@jojokburton (instagram)

Checkout iconik images latest offering to, enjoy these sexy images of JoJo Burton. Shes lovely..

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Girl on motorcycle

Was just watching a documentary about Jack Cardiff, an amazing cameraman and this poster popped up. Is it not just brilliant, sexy and yeah well just frikkin amazing.


mala mastroberte


Another one using Sinful as a title on the same day, coincidence I think not… Destiny me say…


It’s highly wicked of me to lust for you.  You don’t even know I exist.  My eyes covet immorally your beauty craving to devour you completely.

I yearn to caress your curves and shower your body in kisses.  You have no idea of the passion souls desire from you.  The sparkle of your eyes, lips and hair has ignited sinful thoughts within.

Would you be more than just a flight of fancy?  Could you be more than just a plaything?  Should your passion never be addressed?

I am but a stranger lurking within the background noise of the universe.  You a bright star warming our sinful desires.

It’s highly wicked of me, but I can’t help myself.






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Actual thoughts during a work meeting 5/17/2011

This blogger hasn’t done anything on blogspot for a while but this last post is just hilarious…

Actual thoughts during a work meeting 5/17/2011

Holy shit, this is going to be two hours long?

Would this pen actually make it all the way to my jugular?

Is hand sanitizer flammable? I could use it like napalm!

Holy shit, how many scabs can one person have on their head?

Dude, showers. Not optional.

There is not one single boob in this room.

God I love boobs.

Read more during work…

Via Seneca blues or find his awesome twitter account @seneca_blues

Update: aha, he/she is doing naughty haiku here… naughty haiku. Twitter is great to get quick answers especially if you ask the author him/herself.


Just purchased the ads free for Erotixx so that no one has to see any stupid ads. Have wanted to do this for a long time and was on my to do list so finally can remove that one. Hope you all had a good weekend… And now to continue w a sexy lady… Love the composition of this shot… Great tits as well 🙂


Via C0nfessi0ns

Todays pinup


Scarlette Saintclair

Todays pinup


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