Guestblog: Zoomaa

A superb site of both known and unknown models from around the world.

In Zoomaas own words:
This blog is a collection and a comment on pop-culture – focused on the many beautiful celebrities on screen or from other parts of the public scene. It will also be a place for unknown models and photographers around the world.

I’m interested in creative, sensual and original photos. Pictures that can give us a story about the model, the photographer or the city / country.  

My references and favorites among the professional photographers are many. You will probably see some posts of my favorites from time to time. But there are a lot of talented amateurs out there. I hope to find many of those.

I present: Zoomaa


Vanessa le Beautiful

Another sexy and sophisticated member of the French population. Singer, actress and model. Vanessa Chantal Paradis – born December 22, 1972. Became a child star at the age of 14 with the worldwide hit “Joe le Taxi”. In reationship with Johnny Depp since 1998. (Wikipedia)



Meet beautiful Kate-Victoria from Melbourne, Australia. Kate-Victoria is 26 years old, and she describes herself as a very punctual, professional and driven model. But she is also an easy going, bubbly, caring and honest girl. She tries to keep work both effortless and fun.


Ming Boldo

Ming Boldo is 23 years old, and a mixed Chinese- Filipina-Spanish model – based in Hong Kong. She has been modeling (freelance) for 5 years. She is not a full time model. Ming has been modeling in different parts of Asia – for billboards, magazines, catalogues, some runway and even some acting in television. Beautiful Ming loves modeling, and she hopes to do a lot of more projects and make a great reputation in the industry. See more of Ming at her model profile on Model Mayhem.



This blonde beauty’s name is Lillian. She is 23 years old, and she comes from Oppdal in Norway (just south of Trondheim). She has some experience as a model, but she is looking for more photo shoots. She says that she loves to stand in front of the camera, and she is open minded for exciting projects. See more of Lillian or contact her for a photo shoot at her profile at Model Mayhem. You can also check out her blog here.


As an added hint, do check out his Black and white photo page, he is up to post 27 now of just sexy black and white photos

About Rincewind

Love my vintage pinups, burlesque, smoking fetish and weirdness. Swedish person lived in Sweden, London and now Prague. Love moving around, metting new people. Open your mind for new experiences.

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