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And If I Were …

say what!? silly ad indeed…



… blind I bet I would play the piano. Holy Crap, what a mindlessly stupid ad – Ted

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Todays pinup


Ohhh colourful… I think I need to pop one of those balloons for a better view.

Happy Sunday


2 hours to go for another Sweden – Canada game in ice hockey so hopefully this time we won’t embarrass us as last time. Those canucks needs to be taught a lesson… ohhh am so going to regret these words if we lose 🙂

Happy Sunday btw.


What every garter belt needs… 🙂


Todays pinup


Here kitty kitty…



Todays pinup – the mad hatter


Last but damn awesome post for tonight.


I actually was searching for that giraffe but damn I found this and… nope am not a softie.. oki oki I might have shred a tear watching some Disney movies.. anyhoooo both a grin and little bit tearful when I watched this one from Britain got talent.

Bars & Melody – Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer act …:

Ok need to resurrect myself with something macho now 🙂


I did feel sorry for doing this to my dog

Damn wrong picture.  Sorry mate.

Ok ok. Finally,  right photo on the way. What’s more mucho macho than a girl and her own frikkin weapon arsenal of mayhem. 🙂


Look up…

We are all victims to the technology but I do try to ignore my phone if I’m out and about.

Look Up:

The gay agenda has to stop…


Sometimes I just despair of human stupidity. 

Gorgeous girl in black and white

If any know who this is, let me know. She is very hot and love these black and white photos.

Ps if u know who she is, put in her phone number as well 🙂

Sexy Pin up

Rugged smoker

Like the rugged look…


Todays pinup


Mmm red…

Blondes blondes

Was enjoying Meggie Maddock at Actress and Life Obsession. Stunning blonde!

So let’s keep them coming.

Boys II men

Was just going in for a quick beer in my  local dive and was greeted with a Boys II men song. Damn I really love these guys, many slow songs with a nice girl hss been danced due to them so thank you Boys. Hope you guys and girls got some nookie as well due to them.  🙂

Boyz II Men – Motown Review:

Boyz II Men are among the biggest names in a capella and R&B. With what was called “crossover appeal,” Boyz II Men found themselves at the vanguard of the 1990s movement to take R&B back into the mainstream, where it had been back in the 1970s. Their use of hip-hop beats in combination with R&B was not unique, but it was Boyz II Men’s enormous success with mainstream audiences in “putting harmony over the hip-hop tracks” that helped usher in the near-total dominance of the R&B genre on the pop charts in the 2000s and 2010s.

Oh this song is just pure happy kissing memories.  Lol
Boyz II Men – End Of The Road:

“End of the Road” would set a new record for longevity, staying at Number One on the Billboard Hot 100 for thirteen weeks, breaking the decades-old record held by Elvis Presley. Boyz II Men proceeded to break this record with the subsequent releases of “I’ll Make Love to You” and “One Sweet Day” (with Mariah Carey), which, at fourteen and sixteen weeks respectively, each set new records for the total number of weeks at Number One.

They actually whooped Elvis. How damn cool isn’t that!

And last and not least go for a slap song 🙂

How I Met Your Mother – Boyz II Men Slap Song:

Sara Jean Underwood


I do believe I might have been a bad boy 🙂

Fetish week requests?

Doing a fetish week soon, any requests?

image We got tattoos, feets, high heels,  S&M + latex, butts, collar, ponygirls and more already lined up but let me know if anything specific pops into your mind.

Either write a comment or send me an email on

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Famous movie cars


Famous Movie Cars by Nicolas Bannister


The horror of…


… no words needed really…

Todays pinup


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