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Those steamy gals

And we like it…

Happy girls are the prettiest


Hell yeah… laugh as you mean it and I love you forever.

Yoga me happy

Can’t remember where I read it but there was a town that wanted to ban yoga pants for being to sexy, naaaeh can’t see that *grin*


Oki maybe I can see why now *big pervo grin*

Todays pinup


I do want to see this happen on my street corner but no luck so far..

Push up


Good looking but maybe to photoshopped. Ahhh I love it anyway.

Star Wars X-Wing Knife Block


I so want this one but at the same time I know the reaction from my girlfriend will be a big WTF 😉



Some awesome amateur shots…

20150227 – Sexy Redhead

Nancy Lang for Maxim Magazine Thailand


Star Trek‘s Leonard Nimoy Dead at 83, Played the Iconic, Beloved Mr. Spock; Co-Stars Tribute ‘Extraordinary’ Man

Oki, guess a Star Trek flick is in order now… RIP Leonard Nimoy


Star Trek icon Leonard Nimoy died at his Los Angeles home on Friday after a battle with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, his wife Susan tells the New York Times. He was 83.

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Cat nip


Hear me roar…

The case for the defence

Thoughtful post as always… to shave or not..

Accidental Masturbator

As unique as we all are, as adults, nature has decreed we’re pretty much all the same … in at least one respect. It’s something with which we are all provided, and yet, for something which is, in a sense, as normal as the hair on our heads, it can be surprisingly controversial and charged with bitter politics. It is, of course

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Todays pinup


Mirror mirror…

Tank top happiness


Oh I’m happy alright. .

50 shades… of creepy


A little bit true…

Pool night




It’s whooping time 🙂


Hmm, just thinking…


Love this drawing.


A good book

Grumpy old fart!!!

A good book

“You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough”

C. S. Lewis

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