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Todays evening pinup -Smoking style

And to finish off the Smokers day. Puff away in style. 

SeXY smokers in b&w

Smoke’o’rama II

Ahh smell the fresh *cough* air…

A lonely time

WTF diet 

Enjoying some fresh air

… well… 😆

No bloody clue…

Both astounded at the ago of the kid but also why the hell is that chicken there.. ah well.. 😆 

Vintage cigarette ads 

Wow u gotta admit that they had no scruples at all when they created the ads back then.

Lol… of course if your throat is bad you go for a menthol cigarette as prescribed by your doctor. 


Exhale perfection 

Sexy Smoking girl fashion video

Smoke’o’rama I

Some time since I had my smokers getting a post so inhale and enjoy.

I have been waiting…

Vintage smoking

And if you want more vintage photos, head off to Grumpy Old fart who has a vintage Sunday going. 

Of course you need a smoke after yr training session 🙂

Hot cigar smokers

Something very erotic with a girl smoking a cigar. 

Cigar quote

So true, a cigar is meant for both special occasions or when you are having a nice cognac. Ohh bliss. 

Vintage smoker Joyce Holden

For the girls: Hot guys 

And yes there are some great sexy smoking photos of hot guys so enjoy gals.

Sensual smoking

Just beautifully shot photo. 

Smoke break a la nuns 

Even a nun needs a smoke break. 

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