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Maid for halloween

Need her to clean up the mess after the party. 

Awesome and damn cute horror art


Todays afternoon pinup – Halloween style

Witching time

Via Joan Wolfie

Great artwork 

Via elgunto

Witchy Jessica Nigri 

Via (@OJessicaNigri):

Nightmare on sexy street 

Little devil

Bruce Campbell: Reddit Ask Me Anything

I love the man.

3 ninjas 

Creative Halloween 

Absolutely awesome.


Way cool.

Happy spooky halloween everyone 

Todays witchy pinup

Amazon warrior

I love it but at the same thing my head goes thinking that yeah.. of course a warrior girls needs a thong to protect her. hmmm. 😆 

FWD: 0236 A. M.

Beautiful photo.

Via Summertime


Booty time

And wow, this is one impressive booty. I’m going to need bigger hands 😆

Sexy maid selfies 

Kickass maid

She did not like my suggestion to polish my know 😆

Healthy diet

How you like ’em apples 😆

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