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Charlotte McKinney for Ocean Drive Magazine

Charlotte McKinney for Ocean Drive Magazine Read the rest of this entry

New slippers

I’m so enjoying my new flamingo slippers! !!

FWD: Naughty ’20s

Via Summertime And his lovely vintage Sunday.

Sexy smoker love…

Thanks to Summertime for reminding me to post some gorgeous smokers.

And this lovely babe from Summertime.

Via Summertime


Rhian Sugden US love

Rhian Sugden see through red onesie for Page 3 and going all US on us.

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Todays pinup #sexy #pinup #vintage 

Serena Rinaldi nude for Venus Gallery Magazine Italy


Ebony love

Holy shit, she is gorgeous.

Busty lingerie time

Think I got her covered.. 

Todays pinup #sexy #pinup 


Oki so what do I need, hmm I take one girl please. Yes to go.. 😆 

Window view

How I blog..

No, not really. I wish.. 😆 

One reason to visit your local library 

… besides reading books of course.

Todays pinup #sexy #pinup #vintage 

Oki wtf is that penguin doing there… 😆 

B&W girl

How to keep a meeting interesting 😆


I know, this is definitely not a blog for political forum or views but man oh man do I agree with the mayor of Berlin to Mr President Trump.

A wall is just not working, it will just divide more.


And to relax everyone with a random sexy girl by the wall, here you go.

And if you need some more relaxing, fireplace time..

That lesbian feeling *nsfw*

Peanut quandary #lol

I so love this comic strip..

School daze

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