Presentation skills needed

So am having an assessment for a training position… oh why oh why did I apply. Love training new people but having to do an presentation for 10 of the high ranking people at my job scares me shitless.  So instead of preparing for tomorrowa presentation I went for a drink. Feeling much better now 😆

Wish me luck for snorefest 2017. Will have to get them bored quickly in 5 minutes so that they miss the rest of my powerpoint presentation LOL.

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  1. Good luck, I hope all goes well, I only ever did one PowerPoint presentation and to be honest it was rubbish, it didn’t help when we discussed the content, communication and I suggested that they were only really interested in the IT abilities rather than the actual presentation. They were a terrible company to work for lol

  2. Have to do power presentation to 20th of January too 😂😭😫 what a life 😡🤐

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