9th January national cheating day.. who knew..

I was in trouble yesterday when I was late from work because my girl had found out that yesterday was the most likely day I would be cheating on her. Took me a while to explain that talking to an upset customer was not my view of cheating 😆

From Metro. co.uk

Turns out 71% affairs happening through an extramarital dating website will start in January, with 9 January being by far the most popular day to sign up.

Apparently you’re most likely to cheat when you’re 39 and more likely to be cheated on if your dad cheated on your mum, and now it’s been revealed that 9 January is the day you’re most likely to be cheated on.

Gleeden is a dating site for married people. It’s a website kind of like Ashley Madison (remember them?) but Gleeden is run entirely by women. With over 3 million members, they describe themselves as the number 1 dating site for married people, and ‘a specific platform to safely get in touch with cheaters worldwide’. Oh, and there’s also a Gleeden app for mobile, so that’s nice.

Gleeden used all the information at their disposal to determine the most popular day for new memberships and therefore, the day most likely for a new affair to start.

The second Monday after Christmas is the busiest day on the site and the Daily Mail reports that 52% of people join in an attempt to ‘regain their freedom’ after the Holidays.

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  1. Photo is awesome 😀

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  3. …the funny thing, it’s always a man who is pictured cheating and outside of the window or inside of the closet/under the bed. 😛😉😬

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