Job interview #7

Prague! What the hell I thought.I’ve been in London for so long so why not. My first thought when I moved was to get somewhere warmer, well London is so great but let’s work down to the warmer countries. Yeah Czech Republic. I’m an idiot oki.. 😆 

But my girl was there and once again thanks Air France / KLM. They have an su  contractor there so thought I send them an email asking if they needed a Scandinavian speaker. And.. 2 days later I was on Skype for an interview. 

Unfortunately our Internet at our place was not working perfectly so was sitting in the loo to get the best connection. Here is me sitting on the toilet seat trying to have a decent interview at the same time some people want to poop. Best and most awful interview in my life. And they said yes straight away. Fuck yeah. 

And once again I had only 2 weeks to get everything sorted due to their training starting soon. Was a mess after that. 

But 2 weeks later I was on a 17 hour bus with all my stuff embarking to Prague with no actual idea about where the hell I was going.

 The bus arrived the same day the training started so came in quite ruffled and no sleep to my new job where I still am… and anyone moving to Prague, you will love it. 

So that is my job interviews from 1992-2017. So far i have never been unemployed which is awesome and for people who are looking for jobs, apply everywhere, you can get a job,  you just have to dig in..

Or as the Nike would say, just do it!

About Rincewind

Love my vintage pinups, burlesque, smoking fetish and weirdness. Swedish person lived in Sweden, London and now Prague. Love moving around, metting new people. Open your mind for new experiences.

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  1. 2 my friends (guys) moved to Prague this year too 🤘😄

  2. They told me “we can show u Prague u never seen before”…probably have to schedule a visit 😂

  3. and in the end…I never had a job interviews. Sigh. Was fun to read

    • Never? Wow… oki either yr a brilliant self employed girl or lazy as hell LOL

      • never. yep, i am lazy. But I worked from 19 yo. I’ve started in Russia, we don’t need any interview there if you’ve got couple of years of experience and great diploma. At least not for my job (I was a teacher)..probably now its a bit different even there. But I didn’t work from 2007 – so don’t know.

        • Ah well that’s different but wow no interviews needed for you, you should be so happy. Interviews sucks 😆

        • Yes..I guess so. But ppl usually love me. #nicepersonality + #goodskills + I’m easy (that’s probably most important thing if you have to work in a team/with ppl). But no, don’t wanna any interviews. I’m too old for that. 😶😬

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