Sexism in comic books 

1-4kynxtjxogjqahkamwbipq.jpegExtremely interesting article on The Dose about sexism in comic books.

Comic Books’ Scary Sexism Isn’t Going Anywhere. Female superheroes still have to dress like prostitutes to get published.

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  1. WARNING – Long response – WARNING

    <em>Sheena Queen of the Jungle</em> wore a <em>skimpy fur-kini</em> that covered more of her body than Tarzan’s loin cloth.

    The <em>ancient cave dolls devoted to fertility […] are nothing but breasts and hips</em>, except those that depict the likes of Priapus, Min, and some South American gods, who are equiped, in some cases, with penises as large as their torsos.

    Asmittedly my memory of Wonder Woman is pretty much based on the 70s’ TV show, but I’d happily wager she tied up more men than women. Subjugation of women?

    I’m in no position to refute the claim that there has been a lot of spanking in comics, but not exclusive so. It was a common theme in the 50s <em>What the Butler Saw</em> mutoscopes, which were widely reguarded as acceptible and harmelss.

    Hypersexualisation of female superheros is difficult to deny, but look at their counterparts: how unrealistic are the muscular depictions of male superheros? Sure, call a spade a spade, but don’t forget it hangs next to a garden fork.

    The inclusion of an image of Red Sonja is puzzling, as her male counterpart is Conan – a man who barely ever wore anything other than a fury pants and a belt.

    Today’s, heroines may <em>seem stuck in an age of pendulous breasts, round asses and impossibly long legs</em> but todays heros seem stuck in an age of steroid injected pecs, inflated codpieces, round asses and impossibly muscular legs. These men are the epitomy of overt masculiinity, and surely in a world “dominated” by men we should make a stand against that.

    If you’re going to cite images of women in sexually provocative poses as evidence that female superheros are overly sexualised, you have to question the objectivity in considering <em>Penhouse’s</em> output. I’ve not checked, but I doubt they’re in the Fawcett Societies list of major donors. And I doubt it would take too long to cherry pick an image of Spiderman exhibiting <em>Lordosis behavior</em>. Sure, the “Hawkeye Initiative” produced some drawings of super(m)heroes in the <em>same poses</em> as super(F)heroes, but a) the poses were cherry picked to fit an agenda, and b) the image of Spiderman didn’t look remotely out of character.

    We still live in a world where there there is not parity between men and women. I like to think that, in the West, we’re getting better (at least until 19/1/17: fuck knows what happens after then), but when you consider that <em>some 30% of comic heroes are female</em> in the context that <em>the 2016 Fortune 500 list […] includes just 21 companies with women at the helm</em>, (I’ll save everyone doing the maths – that’s just 4.2%) I’d say superheros are ahead of the curve in some respects.

    i09’s Rob Bricken (<em>”comics have been traditionally made for an almost exclusively male audience”</em>) should possibly have a chat with Brett Schenker (<em>”The Facebook universe of self-identified comic fans […] women account for 46.67% of that population”</em>).

    For me, the biggest hole in the whole argument is that of memesis. Comics are a reflection of society. Sure, there is a feedback loop, and one that has issues, but to single out DC and Marvel for criticism is a pretty tired argument in the context of the sexism in so much other, quieter, more insideous gender stereotyping (like kids clothes and toys).

    • Oh god yes man, oki this was a long reply but I will reply in short. 😆 as said and if ever reading my blog I love full booby action in comic or cosplay. But the article is not that bad either sexiest or otherwise. We all know the comics are sexiest as hell. To say otherwise is just insane, if I see a sexy lady of a comic cover I will buy it. Yes I’m sad 😆 and I love Milo Manara when he did his spider woman cover, it’s beautiful but oh so sexist. I would buy it straight away though. But yes we are getting better. But I want my girl comic heroes in a sexy outfit. I liked the article but fuck, I hope the comic artist will keep on bringing me sexy superheroes. 😆

  2. What’s the big deal? Women buy comics for the same reasons men do; they get off on looking at the perfectly formed muscle boys who wear the skin tight outfits that show every line of their bodies and it’s cool to imagine they might be “your” man or woman. This is a tired old subject in a world of tired old subject matter and the internet has given people the perfect forum to make a bigger issue than it is when it isn’t one at all. Who wants to buy or even look at some repulsive figure and carry that image onward from the comic; it sure isn’t me or the majority of people I know.

    • Oh believe me, I do agree with both of you. It has changed though but the article is nor just one sided. Come on. If u read my blog you know I love full breasts. I actually bought Danger girls because of the covers. But all in all its not a bad article.

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