Crazy buggers..

images.jpgThink I got a crazy fucker sign on me whenever I finish working late. I sit down and yes I get a person next to me mumbling… so what does one do, you move of course. But oh no, next stop galore, of course loony no 2 arrives being upset I’m sitting on his seat.

Move number 3 and what the hell.. crazy no 3 arrives and mumbles, stares at me and seems happy that I agree, hell I agree to anything at this moment and then gets upset when I don’t listen to him.  Aaaah move number 4. It looks oki so far… nice old lady next to me until she thinks I’m her lost found husband… at this time I’m surrounded by crazy people in my train, I really can’t move anywhere. So I’m happy w this lady.

PS.  I didn’t go home w her, she fell asleep happily… 😆

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