I know, this is definitely not a blog for political forum or views but man oh man do I agree with the mayor of Berlin to Mr President Trump.

A wall is just not working, it will just divide more.

Via Berlin.de

And to relax everyone with a random sexy girl by the wall, here you go.

And if you need some more relaxing, fireplace time..

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  1. Yes, building a wall creates division and separatism. I dislike the way Trump acts and am supportive of any suggestions to help the situation. . . Smiles, Robin

  2. You’re random sexy girl is Jessica Nigri,, https://twitter.com/OJessicaNigri?s=09

  3. I don’t think Trump will build “real” wall…it’s an allegory I guess

  4. I don’t think he’s crazy to build it 😂

  5. I don’t think he can build it, logistically. The only countries I can think of with anything approaching such a border are China, Korea and Israel.
    The Great Wall doesn’t really compare because of the amount of slave labour that it took to build it in a feudal era, and it took far far longer than a single presidential term.
    The Korean border has a significant demilitarised zone and is constantly guarded. That border is far shorter than the US’s and to police the latter would take a huge amount of manpower. Israel’s wall is effective, but insignificant by comparison in terms of size.
    But do I think he wants to build it? Yes, he probably does.
    Oh, nice pics. But it’s going to take wall-to-wall hardcore porn to take my mind of Trump.
    (Gave you noticed how trump is a euphemism for fart.

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