Swedens national dish could be Tacos!!

Oki this post by Watching the Swedes actually hurt me, btw it’s not the bloggers fault but rather my fellow swedes. 

Excerpt from Neil Shipley’s awesome blog:

If you’ve ever wondered what Sweden’s National Dish is, now is the time to take part in a competition hosted by radio station P3. So far, the folowwing have been eliminated: falafel, swede, ‘plankstek’ (literally steak on a plank) and ‘palt’ (dumplings).

All good so far until I saw that TACOS is on the list… really fucking TACOS… 

Don’t get me wrong, I love them but apparently they are on the list as National dish to vote for!! My whole body is in turmoil here, if tacos wins I’m resigning my swedish passport. 😆

I need a Falukorv to settle down now.. 


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Love my vintage pinups, burlesque, smoking fetish and weirdness. Swedish person lived in Sweden, London and now Prague. Love moving around, metting new people. Open your mind for new experiences.

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  1. Look at the ‘bright’ side, y’all could have “Taco Tuesdays” like we have in the US!

    • Haha true but if there was a vote about US national dish I doubt tacos would make front runner… Ahh actually skip that, I didn’t think Trump would make it either so who knows.. 😆 but really swedish national dish, ohhh something is wrong in my home country if tacos wins.. I’m truly upset here.. 😆 😆

  2. Wow! You are brave, putting the word “Taco” and Trump in the same paragraph!
    My vote (if it were to count) would have to be Swedish pastries!

  3. Tacos?…haven’t seen much in Sweden. I feel I’m in the wrong Sweden lol the girl is nice..seems need some ‘run’ to the toilet but who doesn’t..after tacos?

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