Rene Bond

Rene Bond (October 11, 1950 – June 2, 1996) dominated early ’70s Los Angeles porn, appearing in about 300 films and loops. She entered porn in the late 1960s for the usual reason–money. In her own words, “I had some friends who were working in porno, and I needed the money. So they said they’d introduce me to some people, and they did. I got used to the money”. Rene began her career in the low-budget softcore schlock of producer Harry H. Novak, often appearing with her longtime boyfriend Ric Lutze. They would be a regular cinematic pair in both softcore and hardcore films for most of the 1970s. An industry observer described her as “a sinfully sexy and youthful-looking little strumpet whose well-rounded acting skills and vivacious approach to on-screen sexing made her an instant favorite.”

Gotta love the video covers:

[on her success in the adult film industry] There’s something about the way I work, I guess. I’ve studied myself on screen, watched what I do. I don’t think my body is exquisite and I don’t think I’m beautiful. I think I’m very attractive. I think I’m appreciated, but I don’t think I’m exquisite.

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  1. I’ve always loved Rene Bond, one of the true greats! Her scenes in Teenage Fantasies, in which she was the movie’s “host,” serving as a bridge between other scenes, were a milestone in cinematic pornographic expression! In scenes innovative for the time (early 70s) she gave head and talked directly to the audience in closeup in a friendly, flirty way about how much she enjoyed oral sex. It was wild indeed on the big screen as you felt she was there holding your own unit! I haven’t seen the movie in decades, but still remember its impact vividly. BTW, that top photo looks like it was taken by master leg photog Elmer Batters! Great post, Rincewind. Thanks for sharing.

  2. She had undeniable oral talents! 🙂

    I prefer her pre enhancement look, but hers were at least reasonable.

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