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So lets catch Ai Shinozakin in the forest..

Honestly,  I have no idea what Fire Emblem is from but damn!

Camilla spring princess cosplay by Zalaria from Fire Emblem

And now let’s go vintage.

Edy Williams (born 1942): from unnamed call-girl in sexploitation shockrt A House Is Not A Home, Beyond the Valley of the Dolls (1970) to a final screen role as Emanuelle the European Sex Bomb in Bad Girls from Mars. Via 

And of course burlesque is all OK by me..

Via buns are all that you require

Enough for today… See you all soon..

Summer is still around 

Summer ain’t finished.. 

via @LaurenTaylor05

But according to the Finns, it never existed 😆

Todays pinup 

Todays pinup #sexy #pinup 

Todays pinup #sexy #pinup 

The lovely Ophelia Overdose..

Luigi time

Take a look at @OJeniferAnn’s Tweet: 

Emelia Page

See more of Emelia Page

Todays pinup #sexy #pinup 

Alejandra Guilmant

A lovely Mexican treat..

Night put with the boys #lol

Todays reblogs 

Boyofbow delivers sexy thighs and hotness

And the Russian delivers yet again with Mandy Kay. I’m drooling like mad here!

And a late reblog of Summertime Monday maid.

Dentist issues? Via Summertime

And a Guys blog has this lovely treat.

Erotic phantoms of NYC’s Eighth Avenue…

This deserves a reblog of it’s own.. history lesson time peeps of a lost world. .


One thing that fascinates me is what existed in certain spaces before what is there now. I always remember the previous tenants, especially if they have some erotic or sleazy context… 😉

For example, the northeast stretch of Eighth Avenue between 45th and 46th Streets:

This used to have three notorious porn theaters: the Capri (where the parking lot is now on the left); and the gay-themed Eros and the hetero-themed Venus. I can’t help but see in my mind the facades of those vanished edifices superimposed over the hordes of tourists who now stroll by and patronize the restaurants and bar and open-air market that now inhabit those urban footprints.

A block up to 47th and Eighth, across the street on the northwest side, is a marquee for what is now a sightseeing business:

Previously in the 1980s this space housed the Hollywood Twin Cinemas, but even before that…

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Sex world

So missed this flick, anyone seen it? Worth watching or…

Todays pinup #sexy #pinup 

Nice pair #lol

Check it out

Todays pinup 

Alexis Ren

Check out her instagram


Todays pinup 

Genevieve Morton sexy and nude for Treats Magazine

Via your daily girl 

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