Mara Corday 

Saw her photo today and went wow.. thought I  have to profile her but damn almighty she has been busy… Expecting just a few photos but she had been everywhere, respect!

Mara Corday (born Marilyn Joan Watts on January 3, 1930) was showgirlmodel, actress and Playboy Playmate (twice!!)

Her roles were small until 1955 when she was cast opposite John Agar and Leo G. Carroll in Tarantula, a Sci-Fi movie that proved successful (with Clint Eastwood in a brief role). She had two other co-starring roles in that genre with The Black Scorpion and The Giant Claw (both 1957), as well as in a number of Western films such as Man Without a Starand Raw Edge. Film critic Leonard Maltin said Corday had “more acting ability than she was permitted to exhibit.”

She has been in my favourite awful movie The Claw, it was dreadful OK. .

Ohhh.. nuff said.. 

A few years after her husband’s death in 1974, Corday’s friend Eastwood offered her a chance to return to filmmaking with a role in his 1977 film The Gauntlet. She had a brief-but-significant role in Sudden Impact (1983), where she played the waitress dumping sugar into Harry Callahan’s coffee in that movie’s iconic “Go ahead, make my day” sequence. And she acted with Eastwood again in Pink Cadillac (1989) as well as in her last film, 1990’s The Rookie.

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  1. That is an awesome gallery! She has long been one of my fave models. Good actress too, but as Leonard Maltin said, she didn’t get enough opportunities to show her range. Thanks for sharing this and all the hard work of assembling it, Rincewind!

  2. Wow, she has a very captivating face. And I liked hearing that she was a good actress.

  3. Great collection of images of one of the all-time great Playboy centerfolds.Thanks for sharing mate 🙂

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