Todays pinup

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  1. I see someone else is jumping for joy at your return 😉

  2. Nice to see you back, Rincewind!

  3. I like them when they are happy. I should say “I like women when they are happy”. I would hate to be accused of objectifying the lady and rudely dismissing her gender. I live 25 miles from Weinstien’s office and there is sometimes a bear traps hidden in plain sight. I really do love the ladies and they should know that I want nothing more than to have a relationship something like a perfect big brother, UNLESS THEY MAKE IT CLEAR IN WRITING THAT THEY DO WISH OTHERWISE. That could be “get lost” or “come on in”. I of coarse, having little self control, would wish to come in for that cup of coffee while I wait for the ‘Lady’ to make it clear why I am there.


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